Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DB Post Tuesday 6/30/2009

The Rabbit Island cast was "deja vu all over again" with M&M and pup at 3BS, and Duke with Sadie on the left end rock flats . The pup got wet in a tide pool right at the water line, but there was on other water activity on D#5.

On my first look at the island from Makai Pier I saw two white bellies tucked into a depression at the left end rock flats. When they came out into full view at 0950 it proved to be Duke and sister Sadie. I saw only snooze mode, with no interaction during the observation period.

On my Spitting Cave check at 0722 I found Irma doing 10 to 12 minute dives.

Rachel checked in from Diamond Head at 1400 to advise that she'd found Rocky at her usual spot below the middle overlook at 1100, and put up the stuff. Thank You Rocky... that is an infinitely better haul out spot than Ft. DeRussy !!

Monday, June 29, 2009

DB Post Monday 6/29/2009

I was on the road at 0500, first stopping to pick up the Irma stuff at Irma's, and then continuing on to Ft. DeRussy in Waikiki. At 0535 I found Rocky , still in last nights location. The cones and signs were still in place so I simply restrung the rope. Thankfully, she departed at 0903.

From MO at 1022 I found M&M and pup near the water line at 3BS, on Rabbit Island. When I got to MP I could see that the pup was playing in a tide pool, with Mom close by.

Also at 1144 I found what would prove to be Duke and older sister Sadie, together on the rock flats at the left end of the beach. Duke appeared to be chasing small prey items in the tide pools . This is the first time I've seen Duke interacting with any other animal .

Barbara Billand and her male pup did the Ka'ena Point trek day, and found Kerby & Benny together along the Waianae side trail, and BG & Yoda on "the runway" at the point.

Extra Extra Read All About It - Front Page of Marine Paper

Aloha Good People;

Check this link out --- it's the front page story of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii newspaper featuring the latest dehooking of a young seal from the Big Island. Thank you Brenda for sending the link. AND thank you to all for a great success. ~donna~


Sunday, June 28, 2009

DB Post Sunday 6/28/2009

It's 2230 and I'm just doing the dailies. It has been a verrrrrry long day. At 0638 , from MO I found M&M with pup, once again at the 3BS, on Rabbit Island. The rest of today's Rabbit Island cast were Sadie, at the left end of the beach, and Duke who cruised in the shallows from 3BS to a point approximately 120 ft right of 3BS, before swimming back to the left, and hauling out to the Mid, Middle Cliff area (MMC) at 1145.

On my 3rd check of Irma's at 0738, I found Irma. She was still there when I picked up the rope and left the signs at 2038.

A call from Tracy at 1223 advised of an animal in Waikiki, at Ft DeRussy beach. Don, Becky and Barbara were there ahead of the Billands and then myself. The Billands confirmed that it was Rocky. She apparently hauled out around 1215 or so and the lifeguards put out cones. The Billands put up signs and rope when they arrived. Barbara Allen,Dominique & Robert and Jessica performed well above, Above & Beyond, remaining well into the night. I last had contact with them at 2130 and they and Rocky were still there. I advised them to leave the cones and signs put pick up the rope (entanglement issues), and get out of there.

I had left Waikiki at 1830 to return to deal with Irma . Irma was still there at 2038 when I picked up the rope, and left signs around her, and called it a day.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Outreach

Hi Donna,
Just wanted to send some photos of the 6/21 6/22 Waikiki outreach for the blog and say thank you to Barb & Ralph Allan, Karen Rohter , and Kirsten Plath for working the booth and getting over $60.00 in donations for HMSRTO. Kirsten even took the bus all the way from the North Shore just to help out! Mahalo! Barb & Ralph Allen also manned the booth at today's West Marine Mini Boat Show and there are a few pics attached from that as well.

Upcoming: There will be HMSRTO booths at Haleiwa Arts Festival July 18th and 19th and at Artfest at Kapiolani Park the following weekend on July 25th and 26th.

Mahalo to everyone for their help!Rafe MaldonadoHMSTRO outreach

W35 Baby Girl Gets Hooked

Aloha Good People!
Here's a story about a young female monk seal from the Big Island tagged W35, this young'en is RO42's sister. She managed to swallow a fish hook and was brought to Oahu for surgery. She spent a couple of days at the Waikiki Aquarium being watched around the clock by loyal volunteers of the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team Oahu (HMSRTO).

All went well with her surgery and after one more day at the aquarium, she was brought home and released! A HUGE success story... many many thanks to all the volunteers on both islands!

(photos sent in from Dana & Patty)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

DB Post Saturday 6/27/2009

It was a busy little day in the SE quadrant. On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0700, I found M&M with pup, at 3BS. They would remain there all day, with lots of feeds and no water time on D#2. Also at 0700 I could see what would prove to be M38, and Kolohe , close together 50 ft right of Mom and pup. When I got back later I found that Sadie had joined the boys at that location. All would remain there all day.

At 0754 I found Buster at Spitting Cave, doing 8 minute dives. This was his 2nd day feeding there.

On my 3rd check of Kaupo Beach Park (KBP) I made a fascinating discovery. I found Irma , 40 ft off shore at the pier end of the park, busily working on eating a turtle. It appeared to be small to medium sized , and very much dead. I'm not sure if there was a shell, but it was recognizeable as a turtle. My shots suck, but an acquaintance assured me he had good shots. I have not recieved them as of this writing. At 1133 Irma would haul out to the beach, a couple of hundred feet pier side of the beach park. I went down an put up signs. She was still there at 1600. I'll return a dusk to check her status. There was only 1 idiot in her life today.

From the lanai at Makai Pier I could keep an eye on both Rabbit Island and Irma. The only other action at RI was Duke finally hauling out at 1547 to 3BS.

Rachel called at 1437 to report that Rocky was just hauling out at DH. She sent photos of a nearly naked Rocky.

DB Post Part 2 Buster and Irma

DB Post part 3 ... Miss Rocky's Molt

Friday, June 26, 2009

DB Post Friday 6/26/2009

M&M and Pup spent a quiet day at 3BS on Rabbit Island . There were many feeds, and no water time on D#1.

RIP started the day near 1BS at the left end of the beach, but later moved down to interact with both Sadie and Kolohe who were at the right end all day 30 to 50 ft right of M&M. Sadie's molt is 90%.

Duke would haul out to some Duke sized boulders at the water line fronting the Left Greenery at the left end.

On my Spitting Cave check I found Buster doing 9 minute dives.

Tracy called at 1033 with the report of Irma at Kaupo Beach Park. I had checked Kaupo 3 times this morning, since Irma has been there of late, but this haul out was in an entirely different location, at a very end of a spit of rocks at the pier end of Kaupo Beach Park.

Diamond Head Posse Person , Rachel , called at 0711 to report that Rocky was once again in her favorite molting spot a couple of hundred feet east of the Diamond Head path.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

DB Post Thursday 6/25/2009

I am happy to report that at 0626 this morning, from the Makapuu Overview I got my first glimpse of M&M and her new pup, at 3BS on Rabbit Island. Because of the extensive water front rocks, it was difficult to get shots of the new arrival. The coming days should provide lots of opportunities.

At 0630 , also from MO I found Duke swimming , off shore of the left end of the Rabbit Island. At 1232 he would haul out fronting the Right Greenery (RG), mid way between 1BS an 2BS. He would remain there the rest of the day.

Sadie was the only other Rabbit Island resident. She stayed at the right end of the beach. Her molt is approximately 80%.

While at Makai Pier I happened to find Irma at Kaupo Beach Park, on some water front rocks at 1026. She would remain there until the tide got to her at 1250.

Since both Colleen and Rachel were off island today, I made a Diamond Head recon at 0823. Rocky continued to rot nicely, a few hundred feet east of the Diamond Head path. Her molt is approximately 50%. She was still there when I departed at 0900. I returned at 1530, but Rocky was not there. I found that Judd (Colleen's other half) had already stowed the signs. A beach walker assured me that there was not an animal at the Beach Rd end of the beach. I drove to the Black Pt. access road and at 1630 found Rocky 200-300 yds west of the access. The very high, and still rising tide made access to her location impossible for me, or any other beach user. Since the tide would continue to rise through dark, I figured she was going to be just fine at that location.