Monday, May 31, 2010

5/31/2010 DB Dailies

From Makai Pier at 0633, I found Ewa Girl & pup on D#6 , at the left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. They would remain there all day. I observed 3 feeds and 2 shore break swim sessions. The interesting wrinkle today was the fact that Ewa Girl allowed the kid to lead the way to the water on both occasions.

Also at 0633 I found what would prove to be RIP and Kolohe, together up in the Morning Glory 70 ft right of 3BS. They would both move down mid morning to cool off. Kolohe remained at that location all day. RIP would enter the water at 1354, and do a brief partial haul out near Ewa Girl & pup, but never fully hauled out. Ewa Girl was totally unaware. I did not see RIP again after that.

At 1051 I found Duke, newly hauled out 40 ft left of 1BS. He would remain there the rest of the day.

Team Billand reported 4DF fronting Nimitz cottage #1945, at 0755.

They called again at 0817 with the report of Rocky at "Al's Bench", at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.

At 1305 Dana Jones called about a report of Irma attempting to haul out at Ewa Beach Park. Volunteer Alan was responding. Apparently the crowd on the beach were gawking and the water line and not allowing her to haul out.

Alan called the Billands at 1402 to advise that Irma was foraging off shore of the Shooting Range, just east of the beach park. The Billands called at 1523 to confirm that Irma was foraging well off shore, doing 7 minute dives.
Ewa Girl and Pup

5/30/2010 DB Dailies

At 0640 I found Ewa Girl and pup at the left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. They would remain there all day. They did one observed swim session, remaining in the shore break, and 3 observed feeds.

At 0653 , from Makai Pier, I found RIP and Sadie together in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. They would later move down to the water line to cool off, and on a pan at 1151 I noticed that both were gone. I did not see either again today.

Also at 0653 I found Duke in the grass at the right end of the beach. He would later move down to cool off, and remained there the rest of the day.

On a pan at 0920 I found Buster and Kolohe together, at the right end of the Middle Cliff area. Both were only partially visible. They had no doubt been there all along, I I just didn't see them. Kolohe would remain there all day. Buster would depart and haul out briefly to the left end near Ewa Girl and pup, but there was no interaction. He would roll back to the water and I did not see him again today.

Team Billand reported 4DF, approximately 1 mile west of the Nimitz jetty at 0832. On their afternoon check she was gone.

Dana Jones went to investigate a reported animal in Maili at 1210. By 1243 she had established that the animal was no longer there.

The highlight of the day, for me, began with a call from the District #4 DOCARE supervisor at 0955. "Do you know there is a seal giving birth in Hauula, as we speak" were his exact words. Many calls and much stress later it was established that it was R5AY and there was NO PUP !. Dana had received info thru the 888 hotline, and had volunteers heading to the scene. They confirmed that it was R5AY , and that she was pupless. She was reported to have departed at approximately 1155.

The Keith Kenyon Expedition did the Ka'ena Point trek today. They reported bleach marked animal "L18", Kerby , Cee Cee and yet another U/U , If L18 doesn't ring a bell, try M38 !!! I just saw him at Rabbit Island on 5-22. This marks his first sighting at Ka'ena Point since his original arrival to Oahu . Posse member John Johnson documented his arrival at KP ,as a young lad on 3-20-05 . He had never been reported there since. Lest there be any doubt the "young lad" was M38 , not John. I'm wondering if M38 might not be going home to Kauai for a visit ????

The M38 news was very exciting, but the equally interesting moment came when it was confirmed that Cee Cee, is a Hee Hee !!!!

The new U/U remains a mystery at this writing.
Ewa Girl and Pup
Ewa Girl, pup and Buster
Buster and Kolohe

5/30/2010 CeeCee is a HeeHee

Best DB line "CeeCee is a Hee Hee"

M38 at Kaena Point

5/30/2010 Ka'ena Point

Unidentified Unknown

Saturday, May 29, 2010

5/29/2010 DB Dailies

At 0635 I found Ewa Girl and pup at the left end of the beach on Rabbit Island, and Sadie also at the left end, but up in the Morning Glory 40 ft left of 1BS. Sadie would move down to cool off and would depart at 1039. I did not see her again.

Ewa Girl and pup were doing a water session, in the shallows, when I got back to Makai Pier at 0815. They would haul out at 0915 and do the first of 4 observed feeds. They would do another session from 1058 until 1114, and remained at the left end all day.

At 0815 I found Kolohe on the water front rocks, at the right end of the beach. He would be run off at 1400. More on that in a second.

At 1115 I became aware of a swimming head moving left, just passing 2BS. At 1131 what would prove to be RIP , hauled out to the left end. Though he appeared to be close to EG & pup, I don't think he was a worry to EG. He would remain the rest of the day. Incidently, my dollar is on RIP as the daddy !!!

A DOCARE Incident began at 1334 with the arrival of two teenaged, local males in a red and white kayak, who hauled out at 3BS. They remained in the immediate area of their arrival, writing stuff on the sand with the paddle and swinging it at the birds who were flying by. They began to depart at 1358 but were met by what proved to be an adult member of their family, on a long board. All three returned to the beach and went directly to Kolohe and ran him into the water. They departed at 1412. I made the first DOCARE call at 1338, with more to follow, since all district personnel were on Kaneohe Bay duty. Finally, the supervisor, John Silberstein, responded at spoke with the adult when they got back to Kaupo Beach Park. They were issued a warning. Tomorrow DOCARE personnel will again be at Kaneohe Bay, and of course since Monday is a holiday, they do not work !!

As I was departing the pier at 1600, the fishermen began to yell to me that there was a seasl under the pier. I quickly grabbed the bino and had just enough time to ID, Kolohe, swimming near the pier, and moving off in a Kaupo Beach Park direction. Good luck kid !!

It was a busy little day in the SW quadrant today, and just as stressful as mine and probably more. Team Billand reported Kermit at Wind Sock at 0835, and then Rocky near the bunker to the west of Wind Sock at 0849. At 0915 they reported 4DF at the west end of Kalaeloa Campgrounds, and lastly, Irma at Kermit's Reef, on the west side of the Nimitz jetty. Apparently Dana , and somebody else were in the area also, but I'm not clear on all the particulars.

Ewa Girl and Pup
Bad Guys - or just idiots



Friday, May 28, 2010

N6 Right Spot on the Northshore

Aloha good people...  A friend of mine was walking the beach up on the Northshore and happened across a seal with N6 bleach mark... who is Right Spot..... She was just snoozing. 
(Okay originally I was confused and had "right spot" and 5AY mixed up... don't know why, maybe i was tired, maybe i was hopeful we had sight of 5AY and her settling in.... sorry about that good people.
~donna~  Thanks DB for the sanity check.!

5/28/2010 DB Dailies

At 0543 I found Benny right where I'd left him last night, at the east end of Sandy Beach. I redid the rope and continued on. On my 0720 recheck of Sandy Beach, Benny was gone. I did not see him again today.

At 0643, from Makai Pier, I found Ewa Girl & pup (D#3) at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. They would remain there all day. Mostly it was a routine, eat...sleep kinda' day, however they did their first observed water session from 0952 till 1009. Ewa Girl was mostly submerged but still lying on the bottom just a few feet off shore, however the kid was at a swimmable depth. Unfortunately all this was taking place amongst a bunch of rocks so I got only glimpses, and not photos. There were also 5 observed feeds.

Also 0643 I found Kolohe and Buster at the mid Middle Cliff area of Rabbit Island. They were 10 ft apart. Kolohe would remain all day, but Buster would depart with the rising tide at 1302. I did not see him again today.

Team Billand reported Irma at Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach, at 0920. She would depart with the rising tide at 1302.

At 0950 they confirmed 4DF fronting Nimitz Beach cottage #1701. Posse member John Reagan confirmed that 4DF was still there as of 1700.
Kolohe and Buster
Ewa Girl and Pup - Is this P01


Irma (I hope she doesn't land on anything sharp and pop)