Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10-8-2013 Team Billand - Maka'iwi Update

Maka'iwi at White Plains... Team Billand must have been thrilled to find her first thing in the morning
 Again it's truly amazing how quickly such a large wound had been healing
 and she's on the move 

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barbara said...

Rich and Mark the SURFERS, roped off Makaiwi in the early am. We arrived to find her in the small perimeter, so we made it BIG. We didnt want any one fussing with her. But...people did what they always do..go in the zone for a close photo. Lifeguard said, she was bothered all day long. That makes ME SICK..We try so hard to get help..especially for Makaiwi who needs monitoring. We did what we could till 9am, then off to the airport.

Finding Kekoa..Priceless. He is a little trimmer this visit. But so handsome and cute. He was busy foraging.

M and M came in at 8:50am, she was cute how she rode the wave in. But she seemed so angry barking her way on shore. We didnt see any more seals coming...but she was angry. She stayed all day long and is STILL THERE ON SHORE. HOPE ALL LEAVE HER ALONE.

Makaiwi left on her own and so grateful she left, there were these kids that wanted to enter the zone for a petting session. NO WAY are you kidding us???? She had a hard time to get out of the hole she was in...floated off with the waves and she shot off immediately...THANKS MAKAIWI...you gave us a BREAK.

Kerby on rocks at Maili, alone and jus fine.

KERMIT IS BACKKKKKK. Wow that was a complete shock to find him out at Yokes. Thanks to the Lifeguards who were really nice to put signs out for him. He is SOOOO GREEN. Welcome home Kermie. Thanks to Debbie who sat and took care of him so we could go back to Plains. Deb called, Kermit left going Makaha way...He is back, Finally from his EPIC JOURNEY...bless you fat boy.