Monday, October 28, 2013

10-28-2013 Hauupu at Waialua

This afternoon, Tia found RB24 "Hauupu" after 2 days searching for her and only finding trails full of molt.

The girl must have hauled out in the afternoon. She is showing off a beautiful new coat.
Thank you again Tia for all your dedication and hours walking up & down the beaches these last week.

 she's looking pretty compared to the other day
 Thank you Tia!


Anonymous said...

Learn how to write da blog lady: "the beaches these last week."

Di Molokai said...

I have been "manning" the Hotline from Molokai for a few days the past few weeks and I am amazed at the number of wonderful people that call in to report whats going on with the seals, not only on Oahu but on the other islands as well. Thank you all so much taking the time to care!!!
Mahalos from Molokai!!!

Donna said...

Thank you Diane! Good to hear positive feedback.... gives us hope things are getting better....