Saturday, October 26, 2013

10-26-2013: Marilyn & Lesley headed out on Saturday monitoring at Ka'ena Point.

Tia had set out early to look for RB24 "Hauupu", so our first stop was to check on her. Her molt is an estimate 60-70%. 

The three of us drove to bb Mokuleia to look for RN58 "Luana", Kimo Lyman met up with us. There was no trace of the girl.

Marilyn & I started the hike an found her hauled out sleeping on the beach among rocks @ 10 minutes hike in from parking lot. We did some outreach with fishermen in the area and continued.

Ken had left before us and called to report R912 "Nihoa" @ Hiden Beach. On our arrival we also found a newly hauled out RR70 "Rip" sleeping near R912 "Nihoa". There were some traces further to the middle of the beach with a spew in it. Seems that one of the seals may have overnighted.

Out at the Point we caught up with Ken, looking @ RO40 "Ka'ena" hauled out on the Runway. We checked the Main & Back beaches. We followed a seal trail going all the way from Back Beach up to the top Naupakas and down to the Main Beach, with no barriers the seals have been moving normally from one place to the other.

We went back for a last look at "Ka'ena" and found RW02 newly hauled out on the Runway facing "Ka'ena". There was no interaction observed.

Hiking back we saw R912 "Nihoa" & RR70 "Rip" in the same location. There was a big group fishing on the opposite side of the beach - the seals didn't seemed to be disturbed.
Then we saw "Luana" still sleeping in the same place.

On our drive back we checked again on "Hauupu". She wasn't at all embarrassed in shedding her coat exactly like her pals human beach goers. Marilyn & I were totally over dressed so after taking some pic... of "Hauupu" avoiding including her beach goers partners we left and called it a day.

 R912 and Rip
 RB24 Hauupu going to pieces :-)
 RN58 Luana 
 RO70 Ka'ena
 RW02 and Ka'ena

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