Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DB Post Wednesday 9/30/09

The Rabbit Island cast for today began with RIP at the left end at 0700, and then when I got back from my SWQ trek in the afternoon I found first Kolohe, and then Mikala.

The Billands had reported Irma at White Plains on their 0601 call. I decided to make a South-West Quadrant run and from 0950 until 1235 I covered the area from Ewa Beach to Campbell Industrial Park. Irma at White Plains was my only find. She was in the capable flippers of Diane Gabriel. Diane called again at 1245 to report that Kermit had joined Irma at 1210. When the Billands checked at 1640, Irma was once again alone.

I got shots from Jenn Maldonado after her Ka'ena Point trek, and confirmed that she had seen Kerby, Ka'ena, T15M, and what, unfortunately has to be carried as an U/U, who is obviously molting. The character of the molt would suggest a youngish animal, but I have no clue at this writing.

The afternoon Rabbit Island check , unfortunately involved two bad guys (1 male, 1 female) off a small inflatable craft. They came ashore at 2BS, at 1521, and explored to the right end of the island. They encountered, and ran off Kolohe who was to the right of 3BS. I called DOCARE , of course, but got the "end of the work day" story. There was no DOCASRE response, and the two got away clean........................again !!!! DOCARE hours are 0745 until 1645, but anything after 1500 appears to be too late !

Kerby & Ka'ena
T15M & U/U

DB (cont) DOCARE

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seal Count Saturday 10/17/09

Seal Count October 17th, 2009 10am - 1pm
Its that time again! Help make the 6th Seal Count a success! We're looking for interested groups or individuals to particpate in a Hawaiian monk seal count. Volunteers will be assigned to a beach location and asked to fill out a sightings form. Please note the following TRAINING dates and locations: Mandatory Pre-count Meetings

Monday October 5th - Waikiki Aquarium - 7pm-9pm

Tuesday October 6th - Ewa Beach Library - 6pm-8pm

Wednesday October 7th - Kailua Sailboards - 6pm-8pm

Saturday October 10th - Waimea Valley Pikake Room (Upstairs) - 10am - Noon

Monday October 12th - Manana Community Center Pearl City - 6pm - 8pm

DB Post Tuesday 9/29

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0636 I found RIP at the left end, 60 ft left of 1BS, and Buster & Kolohe, close together, tucked into the Morning Glory 30 ft right of 3BS. All would move down to cool off for the day. On a pan at 1308 I found that Benny had joined Buster & Kolohe. There was very little observed interaction.

At 1418, Mikala hauled out, 30 ft left of 1BS at the left end. All were in snooze mode when I departed at 1600.

Team Billand set a new early morning record by calling at 0558, to report that Irma remained at White Plains, fronting #1708. It was an exciting day at White Plains and through multiple calls I was kept up to date. Kermit showed up early to swim White Plains and ultimately would haul out fronting #1706. Irma left her #1708 spot, and for the first time in 11 days, entered the water and swam first to the west and then to the east, and hauled out near the east end perimeter fence. The swim obviously had an affect on her molt. She is rapidly rotting.
Just an added note: A big mahalo to the volunteers out at White Plains watching over Irma and Kermit. Barb and Rob have been out there everyday and we have a great cast of volunteers; Jessica Watkins, Jeanne Martinson, Jen & Rafe Maldonado, Dana Jones, Diane Gabriel, Jan & Willie Williamson, Alan Renninger, Gretchen Garbett, Tony Querubin, Liz Weske, Karen Banes and of course Jim Brown!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Message From KP2

(Thanks Val :-)
Aloha everyone,
Kp2 here, just wanted to share my most recent photos. As many of you know I have been experiencing my first molt. I am now sporting a beautiful silver/grey fur coat. Got to tell ya that molting was a difficult process. All I wanted to do was sleep....I spent a number of hours on the swim steps at the Kaunakakai Wharf. You know, this wharf is just not the right place for a famous seal like me to molt. Oh,did you know that my photo was in the Wall Street Journal?? I just might need to get an agent!
There was always someone wanting to take my photo, swim with me, talk to me, shower me, oh the list goes on. Next year I really need to find a nice sandy beach for this molting business. I did manage to find a quiet place at the wharf where not many people could find me. It allowed me to have a few hours of peace and quiet. I appreciated the time alone.
I have a number of cool volunteers that monitor me everyday. They protect me and I always hear them telling folks about my life and how I got here to the Kaunakakai wharf. They say I am a great Monk Seal Ambassador!!

This wharf area has been a fun place to hang especially when the kids were around. Those kids were alot of fun. With all those kids around it was kinda like having my own seal colony. Now that I am getting bigger and a much better swimmer not as many kids get in the water to play with me. That makes me sad, but I think it's best. I really need to find some seal buddies that can play rough and tough with me. They tell me I may be going to another area to live. Well I am a little sad about leaving all my pals here on Molokai, but again I think it's in my best interest. A good looking seal like me really needs to be out where he can find some cute girl seals.
Hope you enjoy my new look, it sure took alot of hard work.Til next time.

Love and aloha,

DB Post Monday 9/28/09

The day began with RIP having Rabbit Island all to himself , just left of 1BS. According to my records he is due to molt soon, so that explains why he has been cruisin' on the beach of late.
At 1031 Mikala hauled out fronting 1BS at the left end of the beach and hot on her flippers came Benny ! I guess Buster must have given him the slip. Since they hauled out relatively close by RIP, Benny was ready to beef, but RIP couldn't care less, and just rolled over, barely acknowledging Benny's presence. There was minimal interaction between Benny and Mikala, and Benny reentered the water again at 1039. Because of the rough water conditions I lost him immediately, but at 1254 Benny hauled out again to join Mikala. Once again she just didn't respond to him, so he once again reentered the water at 1315, and I did not see him again today.

Team Billand called at 0608 to report Irma still at her #1708 location on D#10. Barbara called again at 0947 to report 2AW at Tracks (Kahe Power Plant), and then again at 1022 to advise that Kermit had joined Irma at White Plains at 0845. Barbara's 1400 call reported that Kermit had departed Irma and that she was following him as he began swimming off to the west. She lost him at Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach.
RIP, Benny & Mikala
Irma Molting - Look Ma No Cavities
Irma & Kermit (true love - he sticks by her even on her bad hair days)
Irma & Kermit
Kermit, Irma & Friend

Sunday, September 27, 2009

DB Post Sunday 9/27

Today was one of the low points of my year. The Century Bike Ride once again made the roads of Oahu a really unfun place to be. I did my usual early morning route, and got to Makai Pier just slightly before the roads became inundated out this way, with every bike rider in the whole world. There were still toooooo many of them still on the road when I made my way home this evening.

At 0638 I found RIP on the beach, 20 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would remain at that location all day.

I would not see another animal until Kolohe hauled out at the right end of the beach at 1322. He too would remain there the rest of the day.

At 1329 Mikala hauled out 110 ft left of 1BS, and she also remained there the rest of the day.

The Billands had a much more interesting day. Barbara called at 0630 to report that Irma was still at #1708 at White Plains on D#9. Barbara called again at 0734 to say that she'd found Kermit near the west perimeter fence but he was on the move. There may have been some water sightings during the day, but ultimately the Kermit the last sighting was when he hauled out to join Irma at 1442. I saw D#1 of Irma's molt in Barbara's shots today. It has begun !

The Billands also reported Rocky to the right of the Nimitz Beach jetty at 1124.

DB Post (cont)

Irma N3

Thank you Rob and Barb for the great photos

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kermit Makes a Get Away

Mom and I arrived at White Plains about 8:15 AM. Barb and Robert were there and Kermit had just arrived, AGAIN. He didn't hang very long as Irma was not showing much love or tolerance for his nudges and nose to nose interaction. About 5 minutes after arriving he decided to take off. After that the fun began. It was hilarious. He swam right straight down the beach right through all the surfers and boogie boarders. There was a lot of frenzy on the beach. Barb and I were running with Kermit down the beach and she was snapping pictures and he was heading for the surf boards and then diving under them and around them and just having a great time making everyone get out of his way. What a guy. It seemed he knew what he was doing messing with folks and just being playful and cute.

The 3 kids that he scared, in Barb's photo, I did go and speak to. I invited them to come over to where Irma was and gave them a little outreach on Monk Seals. They were hyped and still having a rush about the encounter. Barb let them see the photos she would share and I gave them the website information. Barb was so sweet and said she would also email them the photos. The children's Mom came over later and spoke with me and thanked us for making a scary situation a memorable moment. I think we won them all over with the history and information we were able to provide.

The rest of my day was pretty normal for White Plains and I'm beginning to see a little more respect for the animals. Are we making a difference????Hope so??? Maybe?????

Dana & Becky

DB Post Saturday 9/26

The day would begin with RIP at the left end of the beach on Rabbit Island, and Kolohe hiding up in the Morning Glory , directly below 3BS. RIP would sprawl there all day. Kolohe moved down for a morning swim and haul out again at the right end of the beach at 0932, and remain there all day.

I thought I would end the day weanerless, but at the last second Mikala hauled out fronting 1BS at the left end of the beach, at 1453.

Team Billand reported Irma at WP once again on D#8, at 0626. They called again at 0826 to report that Kermit had hauled out once again, to join her, however after a brief spat, Kermit reentered the water at 0853, and swam off in an easterly direction, in the near shore waters, causing a frenzy amongst the swimmers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

News Report Regarding Shooting Death

Aloha Good People

I sent an email out earlier this afternoon when I got the news. I apologize to anyone who did not receive my original message... I was using an incomplete monk seal distribution list. So to all the volunteers I am sorry, I wanted to give you a heads up before you got the news from the television.

Yes I am angry, I am outraged and more than anything I am sad... so sad that we lost another one of our animals... I don't know what this all means, I am at a loss for words. I obtained a copy of the court file from the district attorney. If anyone is interested in a copy please send me an email at .

Here is the link from KITV...

DB Post Friday 9/25

From the Makapuu Overview, at 0639, I could see what would prove to be Buster (0909) and Benny (0902) close together at the left end of Rabbit Island, near 1BS. They would later move down, and at 0928 entered the water together. I did not see them again today.

From Makai Research Pier at 0652 I found what would turn out to be Sadie (1036), tucked into the base of the cliff at the left end of the beach, 40 ft left of 1BS. She would be near the water line when I got back to MP at 0845.

At 1030 Mikala (1030) hauled out to 1BS and galumphed over to join Sadie. They played a bit on the beach and then entered the water together for a swim/play session, all of which took place in the area of their entry point. At 1215, Mikala hauled out , alone, to the left end of the beach and remain there the rest of the day. I did not see Sadie again today.

At 1220, Duke hauled out to the far left end of the beach, and after moving up, remained there the rest of the day.

On a pan at 1252 I found Kolohe (1402), just hauling out at the right end of the beach. He would move up and spend the rest of the day at that location.

Team Billand called at 0602 to confirm that Irma was once again at WP on D#7.

Just as with the days when Kerby was seen without his fish hook, or when Duke returned from his 11 day mystery adventure, today is yet another of those with news that eclipses everything else. KERMIT IS BACK !!!!! The Billands called at 1212 tell me that on their return to White Plains, they found Kermit lying right along side Irma ! It is absolutely right, and correct that he should be right there with Irma on this first sighting back on Oahu. That is EXACTLY where he should be.

Kermit was last seen at Maili Pt , by the Billands on 5-27-09. Most of you will recall that Kermit's fish hook drama in late April and early May, ended with the removal of the hook at Kalaeloa Campgrounds on 5-3-09. Kermit had no fun at all on that day. Irma was right there along side of him when it happened. They swam off together afterward. Thereafter followed a 4 day haul out for Kermit in Waikiki, and then it was back to Kalaeloa, Makaha, and a few days in the Maili Pt area. He then dropped off the radar. On 6-29, Mimi, on Kauai confirmed that Kermit was on Kauai, and becoming a regular in the Poipu area. I saw photo confirmation of his presence on Kauai on the FLICKR site on 7-6, and another FLICKR shot taken by a dive tour,of Kermit off of Niihau, on 7-10. Welcome Home Kermit !!

Just a couple of paragraphs up I said that some news eclipses everything else. The mail from Donna, concerning the plea agreement for the scum that shot the Kauai Monk Seal, that many or all of you have already received, really drives home that eclipse. $25 , and 90 Days.......... I've exhausted every possible combination of the 3,4,5,7,10, and11 letter words expletives presently available in the English language, After all of that ranting, I'm left with only OUTRAGE as the operative word. Am I surprised......... NO not at all. I gave up all faith in government, enforcement, and what is laughingly referred to as the legal "system" long, long ago.

Reunited and It Feels So Good