Friday, October 11, 2013

10-11-13 DB's Dailies: Irma@MB, RI19@SB, Kolohe&Aukai@RI, EG&Kermit@WSK, Makaiwi&Kermit@WP, Pohaku@Sec, La'akea@TB, Rocky@Kaimana

At 0600 I found Irma (R010) , once again at the base of the hill at Makapuu. I cordoned her off and she remains. Her molt is 30%. I picked up the stuff at 1830. Irma remains
At 0900 while on the Kea Quest I spied an animal amongst the gnarly rocks at the derelict row tide pool. Of course , my initial thought was Kea, but nope.... t’weren’t the kid at all. It would take most of the day, but ultimately the RI19 ID was made, but the RHF "I20" tag. This is a 9 y.o male from Kauai. It is his first Oahu visit that I know of. He has remained all day.
This is the first day of no Kea. It had to happen sooner of later but despite lots of miles trod by Diane Gabriel, Gayle Matsuda and myself, Kea was a no show.
At 1121 I found Kolohe (RW22) & Aukai (RL12) together at Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island.
At 0732 Team Billand reported Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock.
They had reported Kermit (R012) foraging in the area at 0814, and at 0830 advised that Kermit had hauled out to join Ewa Girl at Wind Sock.
Kimo called at 0936. While on a break from a Pest Control conference at KoOlina he found Pohaku (RO28) just hauling out to Secrets.
At 0938 Team Billand reported Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1708, White Plains. They advised that at 1038 Kermit had arrived to join her.
Ocean Safety called at 1055 to advise of an animal just arriving at Kaimana Beach. I advised Dana and the Hotline. Dana called to say that Stephen was responding, and at 1122 confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID.

Email from Karen Turner brought word of La’akea (RK82) , 100% molted at Right Spot’s Spot , Turtle Bay today. Thank you Karen!

 Irma in the midst of her molt.... with her bald head :-)
 Kauai Boy RI19
 La'akea with her brand new coat
 hanging out at "right spots' spot" turtle bay
 Pohaku looking young and chipper
 great series of shots 

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