Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10-8-2013 Team Billand Late Update

Kekoa @ reef runway
 he's looking like a pup again now that he has a new coat
 O' sole mio (yes he sings Italian opera
 Kermit at Yoke
Kerby W08 at Maili
 MM surfing the wave
 look out here i come

1 comment:

madhatter said...

AH Haaaa,Love Kekoa singing, so cool then next picture looks like he is saying Thank You for listening,now I must go.

Cool how M&M came in surfing,yea she looks mad wonder why,if someone would have bothered her I'll bet she would have let them know.

Awesome seeing Maka'iwi it seems like she is found every other day
hope she able to get some rest.