Sunday, June 29, 2008

Leaving on A Jet Plane

Aloha Good People!

Well here is the Kauai Girl 4DP in her crate and loaded on the flatbed leaving for the airport at 7:00 am this morning. NOAA's David Schofield, Brenda Becker and Dr. Braun were on hand to ensure the girl's transport was first class.

All in all this experience was a huge coordination of many different officials, departments and organizations. We thank the Aquarium for being such wonderful host and providing a safe place for her to rest and recuperate. She was lucky that the "hook and line" did not stay in her system and did not cause any damage to her organs.

We have a beautiful young female ready to her part in the recovery of her species. Once again I am in awe and honored to play a part in the helping this species survive. ~donna~

DB Post Sunday June 29th

Sun . 6-29-08 Addendum
The sad state of American Television is such that when the call from Thea came at 1829, about an animal at Diamond Head, it was entirely plausible to make an DH run in the darkness. It appears that the one day trek to Ewa Beach was just temporary insanity, because when I arrived at the base of the DH path, at 1917, there was Rocky ! Aloha, DB

Kerby,RIP, R301@RI, 4DP Back Home, 6-29-08
Rabbit Island was my whole day. I got no other calls. Kerby was hiding at the mid Middle Cliff area, and RIP and R301 were tussling with each other from time to time at the left end of the island.

The highlight of the day was the successful movement of 4DP from her circular Waikiki condo at the Aquarium , back to the spot where she was originally captured on Kauai. Hopefully she enjoyed her Waikiki experience, her brief trip to the Windward side, and her new 4DP/4DR jewelry. I've attached one last Billand shot . Aloha, DB

Saturday, June 28, 2008

DB Post Saturday June 28th

Kerby,Buster,R301,M38 & RIP@ RI, KC@ Leftover's,4DP@Aquarium
Kerby had lots of company at RI today. R301, RIP and M38 were all vying for his company. RIP seemed to have been the most dominant today, keeping everyone else at bay.

Joanna found KC at the surf spot known as Leftover's on the NS. Its the surf spot just before Waimea Bay when coming from Haleiwa. Unfortunately she had to endure some idiots on the response.

The Billands sent a shot from there shift at the Aquarium with 4DP today. It is a truly AWESOME shot !!! Aloha, DB

News Links to Kauai Monk Seal

Aloha Good People;

Below are a couple of links to the various media reports on the Kauai Monk Seal brought to Oahu for surgery. Of course the best news is she didn't need surgery and she is a mature healthy female. For obvious reasons the healthy females are essential to the species survival. As this quote that was printed in the Star Bulletin states:

"The 4- to 5-year-old female is important to the endangered population of Hawaiian monk seals, of which only 80 to 100 live in the main Hawaiian islands. An additional estimated 1,200 live in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
"This is a young female just sexually matured in the past year or two, so the fact that she survived is very important to the population. She'll hopefully soon be making many, many babies here in the main Hawaiian islands," said Braun."

For more information on this story please click on the links below!

Friday, June 27, 2008

DB Post Friday June 27th

Kerby&Sadie@RI, Irma@DH, Rocky@EB, Benny@Maili Pt &Good News on the Kauai Female, 6-27-08
2200 hrs, and I'm just getting to the dailies. It was another long day. Kerby and Sadie had Rabbit Island all to themselves today. Sadie was at her usual location near the 3rd Blue Sight (3BS), and for the first time Kerby was down at that end also, approximately 100 ft right of the 3BS. This marks his furthest venture thus far toward that end of the island.

I got a DH call at 1130, and found Irma near the bunkers. I'd last seen her at SB on the 20th. I wondered where she was hiding that big ol' body. She is looking really chunky.

A call from Mary Jay in Ewa Beach at 1316 reported an animal with a new coat on the beach near her access path. The Billands confirmed that it was Rocky, at 1417. This marks the first ever visit by Rocky to the Ewa Beach area. I'd last seen her at DH on the 22nd.

The Billands also responded to Maili Pt, on a call from Tracy about an animal there. They arrived just in time to see Benny entering the water.

All the news had stories on the Kauai female this evening. No fish hook was found and she has been returned to the Aquarium for a possible return to Kauai tomorrow. Shifts are continuing until transportation is confirmed. Aloha, DB

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fav Pics of P02 & 5AY

Aloha Good People;

Here are some of volunteer Karen Bryan's favorite photos of P02 and 5AY. The volunteers are pulling together some of their favorite photos of Mom and Pup..... We're planning on presenting the property owners a small token of our appreciation. I wanted to share what Karen pulled out as her personal favs.

Also just a note, I haven't known Karen for very long but she is a dedicated volunteer. She has attended all available meetings/training and conferences over the last couple of months. But beyond Karen's time with the Monk Seals she is also a student, Mom AND her husband is deployed in Iraq. Above and beyond my sincerest thank you for volunteer efforts I want to thank Karen and her family for their unbelievable sacrifice! Our hearts and prayers are with you. ~donna~

DB Post Thursday June 26th

Kerby,Buster,RIP & Sadie@ Rabbit Island, 6-26-08
Kerby, Buster and RIP were all at the left end of Rabbit Island, and Sadie had the right end all to herself. Kerby and Buster wrestled in the shallows, but when RIP joined the fun, and he and Buster got going, Kerby had to get out of the way up on the beach for a while, just to say out from under. Once RIP took off to go down and bug Sadie, Buster and Kerby got back to more manageable levels of play. Aloha, DB
photo from a previous post.... I know "we loves them pictures'

State Mammal Certificate

Aloha Good People!

Although the signing of this commemorative certificate took place at the Pacific Island Regional Conference held on June 11th and 12th, I just obtained a copy of the certificate to post. Again this is an opportunity to THANK everyone who made phone calls, wrote letters, came to the State House and solicit whatever support we could get.

This is a GREAT example of what can be accomplished in a very short time when a group of passionate volunteers work together as a team. We all knew we were there for one reason and that is to assist in the recovery and well being of the Hawaiian Monk Seal. As our volunteer group grows and organizes I look forward to assisting in any efforts to protect this animal.


Again special MAHALO to Georgette Yaindl, Karen Rohter, Barbara & Robert Billand, Aunty Sharon, Jerry Okamoto & Patricia Boehm.

DB Post Wednesday June 25th

Kerby@RI, 6-25-08
I certified DH Monk Seal free first thing in the morning, and then spent the day watching Kerby , flopped at Rabbit Island. He had the place all to himself.

. Aloha, DB

Aloha Good People!
Rumor has it DB will be back on his computer.... so we'll be back to normal real soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

P02 Goes for a Long Swim with Mom

Aloha Good People!
Although the afternoon shift was fairly quiet towards the end of the evening Mom insisted the kid get in the water. First attempt she went in and called after him... his response was to move further up the beach, alittle busy playing with sticks and leaves. Mom second attempt was to return to shore, the kid approached and wanted to nurse, she rolled and then she headed for the water and he followed.
When I left the site they were still in the water. I had a few moments of panic in that I could not find them for a good 10-15 minutes. I walked the beach thinking they may have hauled out further down.... but lo and behold they were still in the water, however they were just at the point where the beach park is.... (PLEASE let them return to their spot this evening.)
I look forward to hearing from the weekend updates, I have a feeling Mom is getting ready for her departure. ~donna~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DB Post Tuesday June 24th

Kerby & RIP@ Rabbit Island, 6-24-08
Despite being out there from 0600 on, it was not until 1245 that I finally found Kerby's fat , little bod on Left Point Beach (LPB), RI. Shortly thereafter RIP hauled out down at the 3rd Blue Sign (3BS). They both remained at their respective locations the rest of the day, and were thoroughly boring.

I'd begun the day with a Diamond Head check, but Rocky was nowhere to be found. I picked up yesterday's signs and continued on. Aloha, DB

P02 and 5AY Monday June 23rd

Aloha Good People!

As you all see DB is back! Funny everyone was just calling and email, the man has to feel the love! Okay so I was on North Shore with 5AY and P02.... They spent lots of time in the water swimming. Mom ate a fish and spent time swimming independent of the kid. P02 stayed close to the shore-reef... and he came up with something in his mouth, closer look showed he caught a rock. Hey he's learning! ~donna~

DB Post Monday June 23rd

DB to Earth....DB to Earth.....Can You Read Me , Over !!!!
I AM alive and as well as a short , fat , bald guy is capable of being. My computer is down, and access to the Internet on my wife's computer seems to be spotty, with an Oceanic issue, for the moment I'm contact with the outside world.

6-22-08 Rocky was at Diamond Head, and the RI cast was RIP, Kerby, Sadie, annnnnnnnd Ewa Girl ! This marked her first return to RI since weaning Kerby. They spent the day 60 ft apart and there was no indication whatsoever of interest in the other.

6-23-08 Today's cast was Rocky at DH again, (I'm returning at dusk), and the RI cast was Kerby, Buster , and Sadie. That is the entire Ewa Girl family all together. Too bad Mom didn't show up again today.

That's it folks. I'm on my way back to Diamond Head. Aloha, DB

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Update with P02 and 5AY

Aloha Good People!

I was out at the site on Saturday with volunteer Dana. It was a pretty quiet evening, we originally thought about going to the south barrier, but where Mom and Pup were just snoozing we let it be. Neighbors next to Bernard were having a party... there were a couple of times when people came down to the barrier to look...

Mom decided to wake the pup and go for a swim it started about 18:45 and lasted until 19:30. Mom gave this kid a work out, she was slapping him around with her fins, biting at his backside, she did everything and anything to keep him in the water and feisty! I guess its all part of the lesson plan... while it was amazing to watch, both Dana and I had those moments of concern, as all good Aunties do!


DB Post - dark Sunday

Aloha Good People!
This is the 1st time in 6 months I haven't received the nightly update from DB. We all know he's having computer problems... let hope he'll be back soon! So to let him we still look forward to having him here.... heeeerrrreee's DB

North Shore Pup P03

Aloha Good People;

Here are some additional photos of P03 looking very healthy. Looks to me like he has a natural bleach mark on his right just below his fin.... then again once he gets longer and thinner that could change. Thank you Scott for the point to the pics and Tom G for being so generous with his photos!

DB Post Saturday June 21st

Kerby,RB08,Buster&M38@RI, Rocky@DH, 6-21-08
Still on the wife's computer so no photos, and just the bare facts. Kerby was by himself at the left end of RI, and RB08 a few hundred feet to the right. She was joined for a while by M38, but he also cruised down to join Buster at th right end of the island for the afternoon.

Colleen Heyer reported Rocky at DH again. I checked her at 1117 and confirmed the Rocky ID.

Posse member Ethel called to report an animal on the left side rock flats at 1352. I couldn' get there until 1500, and the animal was no longer there , therefore an U/U is required. Aloha, DB

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Winding Down at the Pupping Sites

Aloha Good People!

To the best of my knowledge once Mom leaves the pup.... we still want to keep our schedule until we get the word from NOAA to close down the area.... The Pup will hang out for a bit and is probably most vunerable because Momma ain't there to protect him.

A huge thank you to all the email messages that flew through cyber space today regarding the list of volunteers for 5AY and P02.... And of course there was that little matter of a name! Wow!
This is what I know....
- We all agree the community involvement is a must
- Bernard and family should be acknowledged for being very generous by opening their home
- There needs to be something from the GROUP.... individual efforts are appreciated but there is a greater importance if the community remembers NOAA's monk seal volunteers rather than Huey, Duey and Luey <- kidding ) but you get my point.

The details haven't been sorted through and I got lots of suggestions, and offers to help.... I will follow up! You all are doing GREAT work and I am very proud to be part of a worthy cause and a passionate group of volunteers.

DB Post Friday June 20th

Kerby,RIP,Buster,Sadie,&M38@RI, Irma@SB, Rocky@DH, 6-20-08
The Computer Gods have stuck and my computer is no more da kine tonight. I'm on the wife's computer, but access is minimal.

Kerby, RIP, Sadie, Buster and for the first time since 5-6-08, M38 made up the RI cast today.

Ewa Girl reappeared at Hanauma Bay around 0900, and Irma did a midday haul out to Sandy Beac. Oh yes, and Colleen reported Rocky at Diamond Head at 1040.

I have no idea when I'll get my computer up and running again, so contact may be minimal. Aloha,DB

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Weaner

Aloha Good People;
Based on today's report from the North Shore P03 is now a weaner! Momma "KC" apparently took off 9:00 this morning after 36 days of nursing. Well lets hope the boy hones his fishing skills really soon and is able to get around without too much trouble. I am sure he'll be watched over for a little longer from his loyal posse of volunteers! ~donna~

(photos courtesy of Tom Garrett dated 6/17)

DB Post Thursday June 19th

Kerby&RB08@ RI, Ewa Girl@HB, Rocky@DH, 6-19-08
After all the hype of yesterday, having RB08 on RI all by herself was a bit of a let down. Fortunately, Kerby finally hauled out at 1311, but he too immediately went to snooze mode.

Colleen Heyer sent a text message (damned teenagers !!), at 1449 reporting that she had found Rocky at DH, and had put up signs.

Tracy advised at 0900 that KC had weaned her pup at Mokuleia today. This was D#36, well under the norm of 42 days, but who knows, it could be perfectly normal for her. Anyway...I down, 1 to go. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Its All About Kerby

Ladies and gentlemen.................. Ewa Girl and I are proud to announce the tagging of Kerby (W08/09) today, 6-18-08. Aloha, DB

DB Post Wednesday June 18th

Everything Besides Kerby, 6-18-08
Kerby was the highlight of the day, no doubt about it, butg he was joined on Rabbit Island by RIP, Buster, the girls RB08, and Sadie. Sadie got her N16 bleach.

In addition to the RI cast, Rocky returned to her usual spot at Diamond Head (thank you Rachel), and today was also the first official return of Ewa Girl to her Hanauma Bay spot. Aloha, DB