Friday, August 31, 2012

8-30-2012 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Duke,Kolohe&U/M@RI, Buster@LL, Pohaku&2AW@Maili,2AW@Lualualei, Rocky@Waikiki&Diamond Head, R912Weaner@Mokuleia

I was on it dark and early in full Irma Quest mode, but alas at end of day I had not found the girl, despite many, many a mile.

At 0647 I found Kolohe (RW22) 50 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would depart at 1012 and I would not see him again.

At 0854 I found Duke (RA12) at Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. He would remain the entire day.

At 0905 an U/M hauled out to Duke and after several minutes of interaction he would depart at 0957. Duke would just not react to the Unknown. The morning lighting and glare on the wet body, made an ID impossible.I did manage to see a left flipper tag. There may well have been 2, but I only saw 1.

The U/M would swim to the left, and at 1001 hauled out to Duke, who began running as soon as he saw the U/M coming. There was some interaction but again the glare and then the "shake&bake" sand coating made an ID impossible except to say that it was a large male, with at least a left tag. He would depart Duke at 1003. I did not see the U/M again.

At 0949 Aukai (RL12) hauled out to the Waimanalo side of Left Point Beach (WSLPB).

When I got back to Makai Pier at 1300 she was not there, however at 1304 she hauled out to the same location.

Zeeny called from the R912 pup site a 1337 to advise that Mom had departed at 1308. It looks like we have a weaner, Day #37. Zeeny was staying until 1630 and I've received no Mom returned calls, I presume the pup is on it's own. Tracy advised that they would be going out to tag the weaner in the morning . Stay tuned.

Dana called at 1450 with the report of "a seal in Hawaii Kai". Armed with only that I went thru the SE quadrant..........again, and lo and behold when I stopped at Lanai Lookout and asked divers if they'd seen any seals they pointed on "RV08" on the rock flats just east of Lanai Lookout, where the divers had entered the water. It was in fact Buster, snoozin' on the flats.

Team Billand called at 0625 with the report of Pohaku (RO28) once again at Nanakai Beach, Maili. At 0935 the Billands would report a 2nd seal, which would prove to be 2AW. He would depart at 1140 and relocated to Lualualei Beach Park at 1336. Pohaku departed at 1500.

At 0807 Colleen called to report that she was with Rocky (RH58) at San Souci Beach in Waikiki. While we were talking Rocky departed at 0808. An afternoon email from Colleen brought word that Rocky had hauled out to the Diamond Head showers between 9-10. She was still there at dark.
R912 and pup spend their last day together 
 just hours away from being a weaner
 Buster @ Lanai lookout 
 2AW and RO28 (Pohaku)
 Dude you need a breath mint !
 2AW and Pohaku - he's persistent
 RO28 Pohaku

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8-29-2012 DB's Dailies: Duke,Kolohe&Aukai@RI, Irma@KBP, Buster@BR, Kaiwi@LL, Rocky@DH, RIP,M&M@WP, Pohaku@Maili, Kermit@WSK

A break from the normal chronological statement of the days events is required here because the hands down highlight of the day came with a 0743 call from Team Billand with the news that KERMIT (R012) IS BACK!!!!! Yep, they found the boy at Wind Sock. He had last been seen on Oahu, at Maili Point, on 5-22-12, by the Billands...of course .

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programing... At 0637 I found Duke (RA12) at Left Middle Cliff, on Rabbit Island. He would remain all day.
At 0644 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) and M&M (R020) together fronting #1944 at White Plains.

At 0653 Colleen called with the report of an animal at the showers, Diamond Head. She would confirm the Rocky (RH58) ID at 0805. Colleen advised that Rocky was still there on her 1730 check.

At 0653 I found Kolohe (RW22), 70 ft right of 3BS. He too would remain all day. A molt is in his immediate future.

On a stop at the first road side pull off, east of Lanai Lookout, at 0843, I found Buster (RV08)) bellowing and in search mode, moving east. Despite stops at the other pull offs as well as Blowhole I did not see him again. Zeeny would report 15 minutes haul outs for Buster at Lanai Lookout, either looking for Kaiwi, or when she was there, trying to get her in the water, with out luck. I got a Dera call at 1416 about an animal on the rocks at Blowhole, but nobody was there on my arrival. There is zero doubt in my mind that it was just another come, look, leave, Buster sighting. 
Apparently his Northwest adventure is ended.
At 0853 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Nanakai Beach, Maili. They reported her departure at 1230.

While Kermit is the biggy news, close behind would be my 2nd look at Kaupo Beach Park, at 0940. There I found Irma (R010) out on the rocks. The rising tide would wash her off the rocks at 1130. She relocated up onto the beach. I got her cordoned off and she has remained the rest of the day. She was still there on my 1600 check, but gone when I arrived at 1720. Tomorrow ?????
At 1012 I found Aukai (RL12) rolling in the shore break at the left end of the beach on RI. On my 1500 recheck I found her along side Kolohe, right of 3BS on RI.

At 1332 Zeeny reported Kaiwi (RK96) at Lanai Lookout. Gayle reported her departure at 1454.

 Buster @ blow hole
 Rocky @ Diamond Head 
 seems like forever since we had Rocky and Colleen together
 Irma @ Kaupo Beach Park
 DB's home away from home
 Buster and Kaiwi
 Very sweet together 
 buster is a good boy
 looking after the little one

8-29-2012 Team Billand Discover a Long Lost Friend

Welcome home Kermit, we hope you enjoyed your romp around Kauai
 oh sure, I bet your tired
 Team Billand must have been happy to discover Kermit at windsock today
 RO28 POHAKU @ Maili
 RIP and M+M @ white plains
 Happy campers
 okay these two have a thang going on... for sure RIP going to be baby daddy next year