Saturday, October 5, 2013

10-5-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma@MB, Kea@AD&SB, Duke,UM, 2UF@RI, Pohaku@Secrets, M&M@WP, Ewa Girl@WSK, UU@Maili, RW02&Luana@Mokuleia, Ka'ena&BG@KP

At 0600 I found Irma (R010), once again at Makapuu Beach. She departed , no doubt to eat, yesterday afternoon, and I was afraid that if she returned it might be to a different location at MB. Sure enough today she was not hidden at the far right end. Nope...she picked a Saturday to change locations to right in the middle of the beach, amidst all the action. I cordoned her off, and she has remained all day.  I picked up the stuff at 1830. Irma remains.
I arrived at AD at 0645 and spoke with people who had seen Kea in his pool, at the 100yd rock flats. A few minutes later I found him foraging off of the 200 yd flats, east of the AD wall. I followed him back and forth on the AD frontage, but lost him in the morning glare at 0801. I hung around for another hour, but then at 090 relocated to Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. Sure enough at 0926 I found Kea (RN46) foraging amongst the rocks at the west end of CC. He would haul out to the east end water front rocks at 0939. Gayle and I put up the SPZ, and he has remained. Marilyn advised that he departed at 1807.
At 1048 I found Duke (RA12), 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island.
On a pan at 1100 I found a 15% molted U/M at 2BS, on RI. I was never able to confirm an ID because of no help from the animal, and overcast viewing conditions. My guess is Kolohe, but I can’t prove it, and I also can’t completely rule out a possible Benny, though I did not see any Benny markers. Tomorrow ?????
My Unknown problems weren’t over yet. At 1113 I found a small, U/F, 99% molted at Seal Rock Inlet. Once again I was not able to confirm an ID, but my substantial gut says Aukai, but ????
Nope... not done yet. I had seen a partially visible probable juvenile, barely visible behind the water front rocks at Rocky Right Beach at 1048. When she moved up into view later I could see that it was a juvenile female, with 2 red tags, It may well have been Nani, but because Kaiwi was not accounted for today I can’t rule that out either, so once again, maybe tomorrow ???????
Team Billand called at 0632 with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets.
At 0747 they reported M&M (R020) at 1708, White Plains.
At 1108 they reported calls about an animal at Wind Sock, and at Tumbleland, Maili. Vera Cober would confirm the Ewa Girl (RS00) ID at Wind Sock at 1254.
The Billands spoke with a relative who described what they thought might be Haupu as the Tumbleland animal but there was no further confirmation.
Marilyn called at 1129 to advise that she had stopped by the Mokuleia pup site and found RW02 and Luana (RN58).
On the Ka’ena Pt leg of Marilyn & Ken’s Ka’ena Point journey they found Ka’ena (RO40) and a 50% molted BG (R303) at Ka’ena’s Pool , at the end of the world.

Cianna called at 1512 with the report of an animal at Diamond Head. Awaiting further word.

Duke _ nice to see critters hanging out on the island again
 BG in her molting phase...
 Ka'ena and RW02
 Luana tails up
 little white belly floating over yonder
 He probably needed some rest and wasn't getting any on the beach with playful Luana hanging out.

Robert checking on Ewa Girl
 she's a beauty
 so nice to see so many new shiny coats
 Pohaku at Secrets! shhhhh
 Group who has their opinions about the monk seals
 Nice sign... who made it? Is there someone there to answer questions? Is it there all the time?


barbara said...

The sign is of Pohaku at a kiosk KoOlina. Yes it is there all the time, but, today we noticed someone put a pair of sunglasses on her.

We been filling in the guys and gals about the seals and have given them brochures and also the apt thing on monk seals.

As for the, they really dont like our seals at all. They are tuff to deal with. We let them into the zone today, only cause, WHAT THEY WERE SAYING ABOUT THE SEAL...we wanted to keep them...happy. They seem to think, they know Pohaku, and boy, they really think she is stealing all of THEIR FISH.

Thanks to Vera and Glen for taking care of things with M and Ewa girl this morning...we finally made it out there in afternoon to sit with the seals till 6:30pm Seems all the seals .... remained on shore.

Today we never saw Makaiwi around, nor heard of her hauling out any where...hope she is ok. Safe journey Miss Makaiwi...miss you.

madhatter said...

Hello, I have a few more questions if you don't mind. What is the difference between the flipper tag and the bleach mark? I noticed that some Monk Seals don't have a name only a number. I noticed that RW02 likes to hang out with Luana is this unusual? Oh and funny how Ka'ena looks to be snoring in one of the pictures. Is it possible to put some short video's on the blog too. Talk to you later, hope to see Makaiwi soon!

Donna said...

Hi Hatter :-)

The tags on the seals flippers are a numbering system that NOAA/NMFS/PIFSC keeps track of. The "orange" tags are seals here on the main Hawaiian, where as the seals on the North West Hawaiian Islands are tan colored.
The bleach mark is another numbering sequence used by the science team and it makes it really EASY for people in the field to ID the seals.
USUALLY the tag number and bleach number do not match... The bleach number stays with that seal as long as it's a live... however the little plastic tags can wear down or break off.
THE NAMES... LOL have nothing to do with anything... other than a nickname given to that seal. One seal can be referred to by different nick names depending on the island or who decides they want to call the seal a name. In my book and for the purposes of the blog I try to use only the names that are recognized by most who are out there watching over the seals.