Sunday, October 20, 2013

10-20-2013 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi,Kolohe,Nani&Kainoa@RI, Kea@SB, Irma@SB, Haupu@Waialua, Buster@WP&KCG, Pokahu@GR, Luana&R912@Mokuleia, La'akea@TB

For the first time in 20 consecutive days I looked over the edge at 0600 at Makapuu Beach and Irma was GONE !!!! Thank you God & Thank you Irma. I’ve done the Makapuu Trudge , twice at a day (at least) for all 20 days. Hopefully the girl is back on the road in her new coat.
At 1410 Melanie called to advise that people at the Kea site had mentioned an animal at the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived t 1418 I found Irma (R010). She had apparently been there since 1100, but the lifeguard calling me had my number transposed, and I never got the call. Marilyn reported that Irma was still there at dark.
At 07545 I found Kaiwi (RK96) fronting 3BS on Rabbit Island. She has remained all day.
Ast 0818 I found Kolohe (RW22) up in the Morning Glory, 60 ft left of 1BS on RI. He too has remained all day.
Marilyn called at 0824 to advise that Kea (RN46) was just hauling out to Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. When I arrived we cordoned him off & he remains. Thank you Marilyn, Melanie & Gayle ! I closed up at dark. Kea was still there.
At 1116 I spied two swimming heads, playing in the off shore waters of RI, fronting 3BS. When they hauled out at 1118 they proved to be Kainoa (RN04), and Nani (RK60). They snoozed away the rest of the day.
Cianna checked in at 0919 with the report of an animal at Laie Point. Awaiting further word.
At 930 Dana called to advise that Tia had reported that Haupu (RB24) had overnighted at Crozier Dr., Waialua. Confirming photos received.
Team Billand called at 0926 to advise that Buster (RV08) had arrived at #1707, White Plains, and was announcing his presence with gusto. He would later relocate to "Al’s Bench", Kalaeloa Campgrounds, and then return to White Plains, fronting #1708. The boy is in full cruiser male mode.
Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Maili, Guard Rails at 1354.

Karen Turner sent shots from her session at Mokuleia with Luana, and what I believe to be Mama, R912, based on the head scar and the 2 white nails on the left fore flipper. Later she found La’akea at Turtle Bay, pole dancing.

Apparently Irma didn't want to be THAT FAR away from the seal whisperer
 Kainoa and Nani 
 Kea doing her  HIS morning stretches 
 and now she's being just silly
 Hauupu overnight at Crozier Drive 
 thank you Tia
La'akea learning to work the pole
 wrap your flipper here
 and spin... ummm I need a stronger pole please
 little Luana 
 R912 looking pretty healthy
 Buster boy at white plains
 fisherman and seal
 ummmm Buster hold on there buddy... this dude was minding his own business
 I am sure there is a story behind this... Team Billand must have been having a mini heart attack.
 Okay then... something is happening here.... lots of thrashing
 Pohaku resting peacefully


Lesley said...

Thank you Tia & Trish for sending in early morning photos of RB24"Hauupu" and for checking on her thru-out the day and reporting.
You have been of great help these last 2 weeks with all the Waialua seal haul outs.
Aloha, L.

barbara said...

Seems when the BUSTER is around, there is some drama, kind of like...BENNY.

Buster spotted at Plains, we were going to set the perimeter, BUT, Da Buster left and went westerly. I followed.

Buster ends up at Kalaeloa, kids were playing in the surf on shoreline. HERE COMES BUSTER!!!! I tried to hurry to warn the kids, the lifeguard saw me and then Buster. Lifeguard sped to site on his quad, yelling at the boys as they tried to get to Buster.

Buster was so uncaring, just kept going just like...THE BENNY does.

Ok, drama over, he turned and went back towards the camp grounds. I I could.

I saw the diver on land, heading to the water with his gear. I could see what was coming, I hurried even more.

Buster saw diver, as if he saw...HIS BEST FRIEND. He galumphed on land, scurrying towards the diver, who was getting nervous as Buster was speeding towards him.

The diver put his arms out, Buster continued. The diver then tried to pull his line for the buoy, which caught Busters eyes..and he went towards the buoy. Man continues pulling the line and enters the water. Buster kept inching in on...the BUOY!!!! Ok, man swims off into the water, Buoy and Buster get a good hit from a big wave...Buster continued his way into the water, following the buoy, then lost interest or something, I couldnt see in the water...Oh there he is, Buster now on his way to Plains. HOORAY...event is over and we kept going.

Plains...Buster pulls into 1708 looking cautiously, inches his way on shore, turns on his side, goes into a deep sleep. We waited and waited, then put the zone up. Ta daaaaa....he stayed till 2:30pm and our 3pm check...THE BUSTER WAS GONE FOR THE DAY. is that????? A real morning drama with DA BUSTER. He is one crazy seal, and he is FAST. He is curious and when he sees something of interest, he moves towards it in seconds. I think we might see Buster tomorrow, he is probably looking for M and M, maybe Rocky or Ewa Girl...that CRAZY Seal...I love em!!!!