Sunday, October 27, 2013

10-27-2013 DB's Dailies: Buster@BH&SB, Kolohe,Kaiwi,Duke,Kainoa&Kainoa@RI, Ewa Girl@WSK, Irma@WP, Kermit@WP&WSK, R912&Luana@KP

I checked the cove at 0600, and found that Kea was gone. I picked up the stuff and continued the adventure.
Marilyn called at 0635 with the report of an animal at Blowhole. Morning lighting made an ID impossible except to speculate that it was an adult sized animal. Of course our first thought was Buster , but there was no way to tell, except to only partly joking that we’d know when Buster hauled out at SB at 1000............he hauled out at 1007.
At 0750, from the Makapuu Overview I could see Kaiwi (RK96) fronting 3BS on Rabbit Island.
When I got to Makai Pier at 0822 she was no visible. I did however see 4 "swimming heads" playing together off shore of Right Greenery on RI.
At 0920 Kolohe (RW22) hauled out to the left end rock flats of RI. The swimmers were down to three.
At 0940 all three hauled out to Left Greenery. They were Aukai (RL12), Kainoa (RN04) & Duke (RA12).
At 0959 Kaiwi (RK96) would haul out to join them.
Marilyn called at 1007 with the Buster at Sandys call. We cordoned him off at 1020.  Gayle advised that Buster had departed at 1706.
It was a No Kea day today.
Team Billand called at 0706 with the report of Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock.
At 0729 they reported Irma (R010) at the fence line, White Plains.
At 0754 the "warm fuzzies" set in when Barbara called to advise that Kermit (R012) had hauled out to join Irma at WP. My records show their last together moments came on 9-12-12. Neither has been particularly loyal, but still they have a lonnnnng history. At 0920 Kermit abruptly departed and swam directly down to Wind Sock where he hauled to join Ewa Girl at 0935.......... So much for the warm fuzzies !

Karen Turner wrote to advise that she had found R912 & Luana (RN58) together at Hidden Beach on the KP trail, Mokuleia side.

 buster @ blowhole
 Ewa Girl and Kermit
 Ewa Girl putting Kermit in his place
 Kermit and Irma @ Wahit Whiteplains... SAY WHAT????
 Kermit you dirty dog!
 look at him being all cute... this is the first time Kermit and Irma been together since Kermit returned to Oahu.


Lesley said...

RB24 "Hauupu" was a no-show yesterday. Tia went out early to look for her and only found her trail into the water and lots of molt in it.

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