Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-24-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma&Kea@SB, Kolohe,Duke,Kaiwi,Kainoa&Aukai@RI, Kermit&M&M@KCG, Ewa Girl&Buster@RR, Benny@Maili, T21M@Goat Island, La'akea@TB

At 0621 Photo Tour posse person, Alex called with the report of an animal at the east end of Sandy Beach. I was just seconds away and immediately found Irma (R010) at the far east end of SB. I cordoned her off and she remains. Though Irma stops at SB occasionally has become much less frequent, and it was 4-17-12 since she last hauled out to this east end spot. It’s the same spot that Buster now calls home.
On my 0900 look at Rabbit Island , from Makai Pier I found a little gang of 5 near 2BS. It was Kolohe (RW22), Duke (RA12), Kaiwi (RK96) and a few feet away Kainoa (RN04).
On a pan at 0908 I found Aukai (RL12) fronting 3BS.
At 1545 as I was doing a Kea Quest check I stopped at Irma’s location at SB and a guy pointing at something toward the outfall. It would prove to be Kea (RN46) on the outfall in the exact location of yesterdays haul out. The witness said that he came in at 1530 and had arrived from the west. I cordoned him off, and Gayle and I watched both he and Irma just 75 ft or so away. We picked up the rope at dark. Both Kea & Irma remain.
At 0744 Team Billand advised that they were following Kermit (R012). He had started at #1707 White Plains and was now headed west. At 0830 he would haul out to join M&M (R020) at "Al’s Bench", Kalaeloa Campgrounds.
At 1013 the Billands did their Reef Runway trip and reported Buster (RV08) and Ewa Girl (RS00) at separate locations.
Diane Gabriel checked in at 1154 to advise that Michelle Jordon had reported T21M at Goat Island.
Also at 1154 Diane advised that Karen Turner had found La’akea (RK82) at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay.

At 1306 the Billands found our long lost , green pal Benny (RE74) at Nanakai Beach, Maili.

 Kolohe Duke, Kaiwi and Kainoa... 
Veanna and Benny
 Oh Benny you need to change your coat soon
 Buster at Reef Runway
 Buster and Ewa Girl
 Ewa Girl... she's a big lady
 Kermit and MM 
 Kermit doing crunches
 night time netting
 water spout...  dorothy? auntie em auntie em!

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