Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-23-2013 Lesley Has a SEVEN SEAL Day.... !!!

The day started with Tia finding RB24 "Hauupu" on Mokuleia Beach side of Waialua, I arrived straight after, to confirm ID and check on her. "Hauupu" has just started her molt. Although I didn't see her belly her face is already cracking and she has several little pukas on her back. Possibly a 5% molt

Tia joined me again to do the Ka'ena Point monitoring. We started at bb Mokuleia where we found RN58 "Luana" , all the way up beside the big rock leaning on the wall barrier. We were not able to move the rocks because she was there. There was a water line just behind her were the high tide waves had gone up to.
We had a late start out to the point. 

RL42 was sleeping on some rocks in the big cove on the way in to the point - She's beautiful in her new coat. It was a treat to watch her hole first molting process this year.

Out at Ka'ena Pt we saw several seal trails on the main beach and back beach, and also a BIG impressive seal spew.

We found RR70 "Rip" - probably getting ready to molt in a new location and then RO40 "Ka'ena" in his pool.

On the way out we rechecked on RL42 and she was still sleeping but had moved closer to the waterline

Tia left and I went to look for RN58 "Luana", I first found RW02 (our Kauai visitor) just hauling out all the way down on Mokuleia Beach. He is also shinning a beautiful new coat.
I hiked back to the parking lot and arrived just on time to see RN "Luana" swimming into the cove. Many visitors were in the area and I did a lot of outreach. We all stayed on the downwind side of the coves wall. "Luana" played around with sticks for a long time then swam out. I lost her in the big waves break and did not see her again.

I checked a last time on RW02, he was still sleeping near the water line.

On the drive back I stopped for another check on RB24 "Hauupu", cause Cianna had received a call on the hotline. I met the caller on my way down the trail to the beach, he mentioned the second seal... !?!?!?

"Hauupu" was in the exact same place sleeping and 100 meters down the beach a beautiful plump seal was sleeping near the waterline. I couldn't believe my eyes when I IDed RI37 "Bessie", I had to go around to see the scar on her back. She's looking VERY healthy

 Both seals could not see each other.

 Hauupu RB24
 Rip R70
RN58 Luana
 this little girl loves her sticks and things
 Ka'ena RO40
 RW02 our Kauai visitor

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