Monday, October 21, 2013

10-21-2013 Kimo Treks out to Ka'ena Point

Luana being adorable
 nice picture 
 Kerby on the move... this boy need to shed some of that green soon
 RK36 and Ka'ena hard at play
 boys will be boyz


Dana Jones said...

reports today from Luanas birth beach were concerning. The man made SPZ erected kept her from hauling out above the high surf and getting out of harms way. This baby girl is hanging out and wandering from her natal beach, but she still feels at home amongst her rocks. Whoever has erected the man made SPZ is not doing this weaner any favors. She was reported today as trying to get above the high surf and in distress, but had a large wall to overcome. Folks, you do NOT erect your own SPZ based upon what you think is good for the seal. I am beside myself with this report. This is a perfectly good wild seal sanctuary. Why is anyone trying to mess with a man made wall? Let her thrive and leave it alone!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Donna said...

Enough Already with anonymous negative comments.... IF YOU WANT TO HAVE a discussion then do so and stop acting like an idiot. You end up making yourself look worse.

There is a concern when anyone alters the landscape to the beaches and ultimately can cause more harm to the seals in the end. EVEN IF IT'S a matter of local residence or agencies getting upset by these changes.... SOOOO in the future rather than having a pissing contest how about if people start talking with one another.... If there is a need for something and you don't know how to reach someone then try sending it into the blog.... OBVIOUSLY you are all reading it.

So play nice will ya...? IF you don't like one another too bad, then do if for the sake of the seals.