Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10-15-2013 Luana Shots from Diane G and Kimo

Luana busy in the water playing and catching some grub
 With all these rocks it's hard to say whether this woman even knew Luana was there.... 
 She's tucked away 
 A wall erected as a protection zone.... but does it prevent Luana from hauling further inland as the tide comes in... 
If I didn't know better I'd say she was smoking a cigar...
 again it's unclear whether this woman is aware the seal is even there
 Hi Diga! 


Diga said...

The lady did see Luana hauling up and stayed low and did not draw attention to herself so I don't think Luana noticed her. I had spoken to the woman earlier so she figured out this was the seal I was looking for.

I was surprised by the size of the rock wall that was erected around the area where Luana has been hauling out. The time and effort that it must have taken to build this SPZ was impressive. There were some big, heavy rocks used to create it. The problem I see with it is that it cuts across an area where I have seen Luana hauling out so it limits how far she can haul up on the sand. The wall itself would not keep out a dog or a human so it creates more of a cage for her. With the size of the surf increasing, she will need more area to move up near the naupaka. I’m sure it was meant to protect her but it doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Luana seems to have moved on now anyway. Hopefully, not because her haul out area was disturbed. Diane

barbara said...

Sure hope no one is playing GOD out there at Luana's hide out.

Putting big rock walls whats up with that???? A seal should be left alone..to be a SEAL!!! Or the same thing could happen to Luana as did with...NO2 from the big Island.

Please, who ever is doing the wall, stop. Let Luana haul up if she chooses to get out of the big surf. You think this is good, it isnt...leave the seal alone.

Observe her from a far, leave the area as is.

That lady is something else...you know she sees Luana and you all know Luana sees and smells HER. What is the problem???

There are beaches there with more space to bask, this one in on reserve for LUANA and other seals to haul up. I hope this lady comes to her sences...moves on.

Those rocks are huge, a man must have helped do it..shame on him who ever you are...please, keep the seal a seal.

You may mean well, but...this is not right...it really isnt.

God bless Luana, keep her safe out there, she is so vulnerable. Hopefully she will move on and hide before her life is made...HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that hawaiian monk seals swim around in reinforced stainless steel balls and when they climb volcanic sharp rocks, they do it in titanium armours. LOL LOL LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot to add, when there is a swell they use life rafts and helicopter to be lifted off!!! LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

huh? I don't get your comments anon... not too funny either.