Sunday, May 31, 2009

DB Post Sunday 5/31/2009

Despite having tons of people in the Rabbit Island area, on a beautiful Sunday, the RI cast, and I had a quiet day. At 0635 I found Ewa Girl and Pup doing a swim off shore of the left end of Rabbit Island. It would be the first of two observed swims today. There were 4 observed feeds. At the risk of repeating myself (which I'll probably do a lot in the coming weeks), that kid is really lookin' Phat !! They would have a quiet day at the left end of the beach.

At 1038, on a routine pan, I found Kolohe, barely visible at the right end, partially visible behind some rocks. He would go in and out of sight through the day, but remained there all day.

Team Billand reported 2AW at Kahe Power Plant at 0902. Aloha, DB

Saturday, May 30, 2009

DB Post Saturday 5/30/2009

The haze and poor lighting made my first look at Rabbit Island a bust, but when I got back to Makai Pier at 0824, I found Ewa Girl and pup just hauling out at the left end. The had a relatively quiet day today. I observed 2 feeds and 3 swim sessions.

The only interesting moment in their (and my) life today, came at 0954, when Buster hauled out near the 1st Blue Sign, and began a long, slow approach towarad Ewa Girl & Pup, approximately 80 ft away. He was trying to be cool, galumphing in the shallow, and doing cute, non-threatening rolls every so often, and managed to make it to 20 ft away. At that point Mom simply rolled over and gave him the "stink eye", and he was outta' there like a scalded dog. He would later haul out for the day at the other end of the beach .

At 0850 Colleen Heyer called to report Rocky at "Rocky Island' again, at Black Point, fronting the Nabor's house. Rocky would later move to the beach, directly in front of the Kulamanu access road.

The Billands reported Irma on Kermit's Reef", on the right side of the Nimitz jetty.

Friday, May 29, 2009

KP2 Update

Well we continue to be amused by the "kid" Today we were called to the wharf at 12:50p.m. Seems KP2 has now become a construction worker. There have been some pier workers at the wharf for the last couple weeks. Today KP2 decided he would climb aboard the platform and take a nap--he even used the lifejacket as a pillow. Wish I would have had a photo of that!! When the workers were done for the day they could not get KP2 to leave the platform. They lifted the platform out of the water with KP2 still sound asleep (Dave wasn't too happy about that one!) Once they got the platform out of the water KP2 got off the platform and found his next snoozin spot under the picnic table. That's when my husband and I arrived

He is also really becoming a wharf/island mascot. Yesterday a car load of folks from Seattle came to the wharf looking for him cuz they'd heard about him and wanted to take his photo. He really is a great poster child--lots of good PR/exposure coming from this, I just hope that nothing "bad" happens to him.

Here are some photos of todays adventure.I will be telling this story next week at the conference--so pretend like it's the first time you've heard it!!! Fondly, val bloy

DB Post Friday 5/29/2009

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0650 this morning I found Ewa Girl & pup doing a swim off shore of the left end of the island. I did not get back to Makai Pier until 1410, but found them in the water again , in the same location. They hauled out at 1517, and began a feed at 1519. They were in snooze mode when I departed at 1530.

It seemed that I spent most of day stuck in accident traffic both going and coming to and from the Southwest quadrant, again today. I decided to make the run for the 3rd consecutive day, because of my call to DOCARE dispatch at 0826. The dispatcher advised that DOCARE personnel had checked for the Hau Bush gill net late yesterday and found nothing. Since I'd heard THAT before, I decided to check for myself. I'm very happy to report that upon my arrival at 0939, I too found nothing. The good news is that the net was gone. The bad news is that it had nothing to do with the good guys. The bad guys simply picked it up. Another episode is almost certainly guaranteed. For the moment , however, I'm happy just to have a day without stressing.

While in the SW quadrant I checked everything from Hau Bush to Nimitz jetty , and found nothing. The Billands also reported zero critters on the West side.

Colleen Heyer called at 1129 to report Rocky, once again on "Rocky Island", fronting the Nabor's house at Black Point, Diamond Head. Rocky would depart in the late afternoon with the rising tide.

In case anyone hasn't seen today's Garden Island News from Kauai, you might want to read this article from today's edition.

DB Post Thursday 5/28/2009

It was a nearly impossible day for Rabbit Island observations, with poor to white out visibility. On my first look at 0706 the rain hadn't kicked in yet so I was able to see M38 at the right end of the beach, and Ewa Girl & Pup swimming at the left end of the island. When I got back to Makai Pier at 1208, it was pouring . I got a brief look at Ewa Girl&Pup on the beach in snooze mode, but by 1330, it was zero visibility, so I called it quits.

I spent the morning once again making the SW quadrant run. Since I have zero faith in DOCARE, I wanted to investigate the gill net site at Hau Bush, Ewa Beaqch. DOCARE personnel had done a search late yesterday, and got out of the water at 1700 reporting that they had found nothing. When I arrived at the same location where I'd seen the net yesterday, I once again saw the same net, in the same exact location. I called DOCARE to advise them of this fact, and I have also emailed Earl Miyamoto at DAR. I was told that DOCARE people would check again today. As I said...........I have no faith.

While in the area I checked everything from White Plains to the Nimitz jetty, but found nobody.

The Billands called at 1022 with the report of Irma at Maili Point, and reported in again at 1103 with 2AW at Tracks.

Colleen Heyer reported in at 1106 with Rocky on her small private island fronting Jim Nabor's house at Black Point, Diamond Head. At last the Monk Seal Posse has what it has always needed......A Navy !! Capn' Colleen has a new DH patrol vehicle. The heck with that walkin' .

Tracy checked in today with news that Lona (R017) had pupped yesterday at Kalaupapa, Molokai. Hopefully Lona has emailed R5AY and KC to tell them what a great spot it is.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DB Post Wednesday 5/27/2009

The Rabbit Island cast for today was Ewa Girl& Pup (D#20), Buster, M38, and Kolohe. Both Buster and M38 would run afoul of Ewa Girl in the afternoon, and she registered her displeasure. I did not see them again after that. Kolohe spent the day at 2BS, all by himself, no doubt hiding from the older males.

I decided to do a Southwest Quadrant run, and my first stop was Oneula Beach Park (Ewa Beach). I confirmed the presence of the unattended Gill Net, 100 yds or so to the east of the beach park. Multiple conversation with DOCARE personnel confirmed that they would be removing the net today. A 1608 conversation with Wes Munday (DOCARE) confirmed that they were getting ready to enter the water. As of 1700 DOCARE had exited the water and found no net.

I checked all spots from Ewa Beach to Nimitz Beach, and found only Irma on the off shore reef at Wind Sock, Kalaeloa, at 1035. A witness (Kathy, with a K) said she'd hauled out at 0945. Dumping rain ended my SWQ experience, and I returned to civilization at 1234. They rest of the day was spent at Makai Pier with the RI crew

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KP2 Story from our Greek Friends


KP2 was the cover story for the Monachus Guardian this month... check it out:

Such a great story! Good Luck KP2!

Many thanks again to all of our dedicated volunteers! (make sure to check out the acknowledgments at the bottom of the article)

Jen Maldonado

Kaen'a Point Over Holiday Weekend


Rafe made it out to Ka'ena Point yesterday to make sure the holiday crowds weren't too much of a problem. There were about 75!!! 4-wheel drive vehicles on the road to the point but luckily there were only a total of 20 visitors in the NARS area.

Everyone respected the boudries he set up so it was a pretty good day.Unfortunately his camera didn't work once he got out there so he wasn't able to provide any identifying shots but he did see four seals and confirmed one as 2AW (he could see the N12 bleach).


DB Post Tuesday 5/26/2009

I found Ewa Girl & Pup on a swim at the left end of the island when my day began at 0620. That would be the first of 4 swims, and 3 feeds that I would observe today.

At 0913 I found Sadie moving down to the water at the left end of the beach. She had been further up on the beach and I'd been totally unaware of her until she moved down to the beach front incline. She would remain there until run off by Ewa Girl on her 1300 haul out. I did not see Sadie again today.

At 1304 found M38 just hauling out to Ewa Girl& Pup's location. Ewa Girl quickly changed his mind. I did not see him again after that.

On a pan at 1339 I found Kolohe , newly hauled out at the right end of the island. Her would remain there the rest of the day.

Team Billand reported Irma at WP, still at yesterday's location, at 1035, and reported Kermit at Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach at 1125 .

From 1347 until 1535 I had 4 people (2 males/2 females) at Rabbit Island. Technically speaking they were never "on the island", but their snorkeling ranged from their boat (HA 3264G) anhorage at 2BS down to directly in front of Ewa Girl and Pup at the far left end, in 2 inches to no more than 2 feet of water. Had Ewa Girl been in the water they most certainly would have been attacked, and even when they were directly in front of them an attack most certainly have occurred. Fortunately Ewa Girl and Pup were asleep the entire time. I called to ask DOCARE to cross reference the boat number and contact the boat owner to advise how dangerous their behavior had been today. I have NO faith in DOCARE but I KNOW that Ewa Girl can take care of the problem if it happens again. This same boat and the same two males had shown up at RI late yesterday, with 5 girls on board. Today, the guys had weeded out the fat, ugly friends and were back with the two "hotties" . Their may be another act to this story.

Team Billand reported Irma , still at yesterday's White Plains location at 1035, and Kermit at the Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach at 1125.

I got a call at 1828 from DOCARE , on the scene of a Gill Net at Hau Bush (Onelua Beach Park, Ewa Beach). There has been an unattended net there all day, and a seal in the area, but for reasons known ONLY to DOCARE, they can't retrieve the net until tomorrow morning. PATHETIC is the only word I can think of, but NIGHTMARE quickly follows.

Monday, May 25, 2009

DB Post Monday 5/25/2009

First of all I have an "Oooops" to "fess up" to in yesterday's dailies. I neglected to put in my all too brief sighting of Kolohe (RW22), and Spitting Cave at 0746. Just as my wife and I were coming down the last few steps, onto the rocks, we saw Kolohe with a Yellow Tang in his mouth, just outside of the big rock at SC. It was well over a mouthful for the little guy, and he dropped it and surfaced twice more gnawing on something. The entire episode was something less than a minute, and we did not see him again, though we stayed for quite a while. Okay.... now, on to today's news.

The Rabbit Island cast for today would be Ewa Girl & the Pup, and M38. Ewa Girl & Pup would do 3 feeds and 3 swim sessions today, all taking place at the left end of the beach. M38 popped up at 3BS at 1003, and at 1139 on a pan I noticed that he was no longer visible. At 1214 I found him rolling in the shallows fronting 1BS, but Ewa Girl & Pup were swimming in the area, and Ewa Girl charged him and he took off. I did not see him again today.

White Plains , Lifeguard, posse person, Sara called at 1400 to report that Irma (N3) had just hauled out to the right side of the east perimeter fence. The place was a total ZOO today, with hordes of Memorial Day crowds. The lifeguards cordoned her off and the Billands responded initially, confirming the Irma ID. Barbara confirmed in a call at 1700 that other volunteers would be manning the fort until dark.
Aloha, DB

Irma at White Plains

Thanks to the lifeguards and team Billand for the Irma sighting. THANK YOU IRMA for not showing up until late this afternoon. Allen came in as relief for the Billands and Bob & I came in around 1745 as his relief. The base police came by while we were there and had a nice chat with us, they are great. We departed a little after 2010 when the last Memorial Day group folded their chairs and left. It was still a zoo when we arrived, but fortunately Irma chose the left side of the fence.

We did leave the lifeguards' perimeter set up as Irma was in a deep snooze mode and there were fishermen still on her side of the fence. Lewis, one of the Department of Defense policemen on duty said he would check again at 2200 and remove the perimeter if the fishermen were gone. He would also pass along the information to the patrol coming on after he left.

I spoke to the fishermen and asked if they would please pull their lines in if Irma decided to go for a swim as she might want a nibble on their dinner. They were very sweet and said they loved seals and would keep an eye on her. Hopefully she will sleep peacefully and blissfully through the night as it did not appear that she had any intention of vacating her spot. Sweet dreams.

Volunteers Outreach at Kapiolani Park

Hi Donna, wanted to send some photos of Kapiolani Park outreach and say thank you to Barb Allen, Ralph Allen, and Dana Jones for helping with the booth .The next HMSRTO outreach will be at Kapiolani Park, June 20th and 21st.
Rafe Maldonado
HMSRTO Outreach Coordinator

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DB Post Sunday 5/24/09

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0705 I found Ewa Girl and her 17 day old pup, just moving down to the water at the left end of the island. This would be the first of 4 swim sessions for today. I also observed 3 feeds in between the swims.

At 1029, on a pan I found what would prove to be M38, just hauling out to the water front rocks at 3BS, at the right end of the beach. He stayed only briefly, returning to water and in his best "cruiser male" mode went back and forth from end to end stopping briefly to check for chicks. On his second pass of the beach front he made the mistake of hauling out to Ewa Girl and the pup. Ewa Girl immediately changed his mind about that. I did not see him again after that. Aloha, DB