Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10-30-2013: Waialua, Mokuleia & KPt day

Day started checking Waialua for RB24 "Hauupu", Tia on one side and I on the other. We found trails but not "Hauupu".

Then I headed out to Mokuleia. From Birth Beach I looked down the beach towards Camp Erdman and saw a seal hauled out on the beach. I hiked out and found R912 "Nihoa" and Larry Stanley, whom had also just arrived. Kimo Lyman joined us and we talked story while trying to ID the seal. Due to her molt and position it took us a long time to confirm sex and also to see the scars on her head. On my way back from KPt she was still there and her two white nails on her LFF confirmed her ID.

RN58 "Luana" had Hidden Beach all for herself. She had something on her right eye and side of her face, it seems to be sea cucumber glue. She was sleeping peacefully and scratching her face every now and then.

RL42 @ the Big Cove resting in the same place we saw her last week. She's looking so pretty in her new coat. On my way back she was no longer there.

Out at KPt the boys took over the place. First RO40 "Ka'ena" was in his pool, then RW08 "Kerby" was near the Runway, and to wrap up RW02 & RR70 "Rip" were in the Main Pool, no interaction was observed.

R912 Nihoa - Molting 
 Little Luana tucked away
 Ka'ena RO70
 RW02 blowing bubbles
 RW08 Kerby

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Lesley said...

The little seal tucked away is RL42 (F 2012 mom R912 "Nihoa")
The one on the beach is RN58 "Luana" (F 2013 mom R912 "Nihoa")