Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/31/2010 DB Dailies

I certified Rabbit Island as Monk Seal Free today. Fortunately, we did have animals at Spitting Cave to save the day. We found Kolohe and Buster there. The dive times were erratic due to play activity. Well.... Kolohe was playing, Buster was just trying to eat.

Team Billand checked in at0717 with the report of Irma, once again, at White Plains. According to witnesses she had begun the day near tower #1, but when the Billand found her she was down the beach a bit, fronting #1708.

The highlight of the day came at 0820 with an excited call from Barbara. "KERMIT !!!!!". Yep.... Kermie is back. They found him at Nimitz Cove, and he later relocated to the bunkers a bit down the beach to the
west. He had last been seen on 9-28-10. Welcome home Kermit !!

Dera called at 0920 with the report of animals at Kammie's (Sunset Beach), which would turn out to be KC, and at Backyards (Sunset Beach), which proved to be Right Spot. Thank you Todd for the confirmations. Check Todd's blog,

Team Kenyon did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and were rewarded with a day spent with Ka'ena, Kerby, Kiko, and what would prove to be Benny, as well as our continuing riddle animal that may or may not be CeeCee. I'm leaning that way, as is Keith. Hopefully Tracy will check in with a highly paid opinion.

Benny and Kiko
Mystery man (question, why has it been so difficult to determine if this is CeeCee, where as in the past he is quickly identifiable? Just curious, not use to the seal whisperer unable to nail it for this long.  DB you spoil us.

10/31/2010 Team Billand Irma and Kermit

Irma and Kermit in one day.... so CLOSE... but yet so far...  nice to have kermit back home on Oahu. Looks like team Billand had a great seal sighting day.
 KERMIT!!!  Your back... we missed you buddy. 

BOO ! Hope everyone was safe and had fun

10/30/2010 DB Dailies

On my 0714 Spitting Cave check I found Buster, once again doing 14 minute dives.

My first look at Rabbit Island had been a bust, however when I got back to Makai Pier at 0915 I found somebody hiding behind the log fronting 3BS. Ultimately, the critter would move into view and would prove to be Duke. He was the one and only RI resident today.

Team Billand reported Irma near tower #1 at White Plains at 0645. They and several others once again performed Above & Beyond duty, dealing with the usual bumper crop of the WP mob.

Marilyn did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and found Kerby, Ka'ena, and I'm going to have to call an U/M. I may have to fess' up to yet another "Oooops" on this guy. He is a smallish, untagged, newly molted male. I know he is newly molted because Karen Harris got shots of him on the Waianae side trail back on 10-21-10. I called it CeeCee at the time, and it might very well be, but I'm beginning to have some doubts on that ID. This animal has a "C shaped" scar under the right fore flipper, which I can not prove on CeeCee, as well as some other small scars. As I said, this may be CeeCee, but it might be a new guy also. Hopefully Team Kenyon is going to provide some insight tomorrow.

Unidentified (maybe ceecee maybe not)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/30/2010 Dana's new view

I had to post the first pictures our volunteer coordinator took of Irma with her new camera.  This is a big change from her cell phone camera.... I imagine we will see many more photos from Dana in the future.  Have fun Dana.... ! 

10/30/2010 Team Billand

Irma looking good.
 little pink princess.... cute.

Friday, October 29, 2010

10/29/2010 DB Dailies

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, from Makai Research Pier, at 0845, I found Kolohe, 100 ft right of 3BS, and Duke at the right end of the Middle Cliff area, approximately 50 ft left of 3BS. Both were high on the beach and in depressions, where they remained all day . Frankly, I was alittle depressed myself. It was a thoroughly wet, windy and miserable day for observations.

Team Billand checked in a 0628 with the report of Irma, once again at White Plains. She began between LG stand #1 and the east end fence, however at 1130 she relocated to near LG stand #2.

The Billands received a call from a posse member at IRQ at 1359. When they arrived at 1428, they found 4DJ. Apparently, he had been there yesterday also, according to their witness.

Tracy called at 0950 to advise that Sean had gotten an "N6" bleach on Right Spot up in the Kahuku Point area I think. She now has an N6 on her right should as well as dorsal , posterior (across da' butt), with a girdle.

I received photos from Wayne Williamson, via Dana of two animals found yesterday on the Kahuku side of Kahuku Point. One remains an U/U, with red tags , which might be R5AY but ??????? The other is definitely 2AW. Wayne got a shot of his "N" bleach, mid body , dorsal.

 Right Spot with new N6 bleach marks

10/29/2010 Team Billand

 Irma  - making spooky face
 Irma looking pretty and alert after her molt.