Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30/2010 Kauai Male iMaps

Aloha All-
Here are a few maps of the Kauai male we are tracking (apparently he is back on Kauai and I am waiting for him to call). The first map is the entire track to date. The second map is his last week. The third map is some of his diving behavior recently at Kaena Pt. This seal still bucks the normal trend for monk seals in the main Hawaiian Islands. He regularly has dives over 300 meters and his deepest to date is 474 meters. The deeper dives in the last image are to about 380 meters.

Updates on other seals. Still have not heard from Kermit but waiting patiently. Rip hasn't called in yet but should probably hear something from him later today.

6/30/2010 Pup Day 2 Update

Aloha Good People!

I returned to the site this afternoon to deliver more fencing for the area. Karen Rohter was due to leave, but being the great volunteer stayed and helped. She and I expanded the perimeter of the fenced in SPZ.  We added poles to some areas.... and halfway through we were both grateful for the visiting family from Massachusetts, who helped us put the rest of the poles in during the high heat of the day.   Great teamwork.

So observations of the little one while I was putting up the fence... Karen mentioned that the last documented feeding was at 8:00 and it was after 2:00 PM... although he did manage to get a feeding in while we were working. Later in the afternoon when Joanne Tabor showed up we witnessed a couple of good nursing bouts... one lasting over 15 minutes. Pup's body was 3/4 of the way in the water at the shoreline for most of the day... Mom moved in and out of the shoreline... but seems she kept the little one in the water (too cool off?).... At the end of the day.. approx... 6ish they made their way up the mound of sand to the beach... Pup for sure was stronger today as he made it the 1st time.  OH... more importantly... the photos from the morning show the umbilical cord still attached... this afternoon I first noticed at 3ish the cord was no longer attached... still a little pink nub... but no strings attached.  ~donna~

6/30/2010 DB Dailies

The first order of business is to clear up yesterday's U/U at Turtle Bay. My pal John Johnson was on dawn patrol this morning. He found and documented Right Spot right where she had been yesterday. She obviously got a package deal on a Turtle Bay overnighter. Her right side natural bleach, and her notched hind flipper were clearly visible. Dera called later to recant her opinion on the male belly. When she got home and looked at her shots, it was an obvious female belly. Bottom line... Dana was lookin' at Right Spot just like she said. John has also provided some outstanding Mom & Pup shots from today.

At 0620 I found Buster cruisin' the left end of Rabbit Island. He would ultimately haul out to the left end and remain there all day.

When I got to Makai Pier at 0640 I found EG&P doing the first of 3 observed feeds. I would also see 3 swims today. That was the RI cast for today. I never got a decent photo.

At 1245 Dera called with the report of an animal hauling out at Sandy Beach. Posse member Alice called just milliseconds later. When I arrived at 1300 I found Benny on the sewer outfall at the far east end of Sandy Beach. I got him cordoned off, but I didn't think he'd last long at that location with the rising tide. Alice called at 1512 to say that the tide had gotten to him, and he had swam to the channel at Half Point and departed. I arrived at 1523 and picked up the stuff.

At 0708, posse member Toni Russ in Ewa Beach, called to report Irma on the beach, near her backyard. She put out signs, and provided photos.

At 0805 Team Billand reported Makaiwi, fronting #1704, at the Nimitz Cottages.

6/30/2010 5AY and Pup



6/29/2010 5AY Gives Birth to Healthy Pup

Aloha Good People!
We are proud to announce that 5AY (Honey Girl) gave birth to a beautiful "plump" pup. A visitor from the east coast (Mike & Carol Oberdorfer) happened upon Mom while out for their early morning stroll. Mike thought it was about 5:45 AM when he came across them... Mom and Pup roared... and poor Mike didn't know what he walked into. He soon realized that this little pup was very "new" based on the immediate surroundings. He continued his walk, and then thought he should go back to check on them and then report the seals.  He did great and we are extremely grateful he had the thoughtfulness and care to look after these two until help was on it's way.  Here are some of the shots from Karen Bryan...
Its been a long day... but for sure one that I have thoroughly enjoyed... ~donna~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/2010 DB Dailies

At 0612, from the Makapuu Overview (MO), I found EG&P on a swim, and Sadie (99% molted) snoozin' in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. On my 0815 check from Makai Pier I saw that Sadie had moved down to the water line. That was to be it for RI observations until later in the afternoon, when I got back to see EG&P doing a feed at the left end of the beach.

The bulk of the day was spent at the Turtle Bay Hotel, on the North Shore. Tracy called at 0715 to report that Jeanie Martinson had reported a mom and pup, approximately 1/2 mile, Kahuku side of the hotel. When I arrived at 0936 I found R5AY and a brand new pup, placenta detached by umbilical cord still visible. They were at the "Keiki Pond" around 1/2 (or less) Kahuku side of the hotel. Hotel personnel had put up stancions and caution tapes. Dera arrived with the equipment, and I and other volunteers, (Billands,Donna,Karen,Jeanie) erected a fence perimeter at the site. R5AY had given birth at Turtle Bay back in 2006 (Penelope), a bit further toward Kahuku from this site, but mid way through the process had relocated to the Keiki Pond. This time she is starting there. It really is a perfect little place.

Team Billand called at 0558 to report Makaiwi once again at the Nimitz Cottages. When they got back for their 1547 check she had moved east, nearer the bunkers.

At 0650 Team Billand reported that Rocky & RIP had overnighted at Iroquois Point. NOAA personnel responded to that site, and as of approximately 0830 put a cell tag on RIP. He immediately departed. When the Billands checked at 1500, Rocky was still there, alone.

Karen Bryan called at 1423 with the report of an U/U, 250 ft or yds closer to the hotel at Turtle Bay. Dera later called to say that it was a male belly. Dana Jones called at 1715 to say that she thought she saw a female belly. At 1721 she called again to say that she had seen the posterior right side natural bleach, and the posterior left side "N6" bleach of Right Spot. I'm awaiting photos at this writing. At this point I must go with an U/U. I hate ending the day with unknowns, but the office has trained me well, I guess. Without Proof, an U/U is required.
photos from DB
photos from Karen Bryant
photos from Barb Billand

6/29/2010 Maka'iwi

6/29/2010 A New iSeal

We now have an iRIP... and from what I understand he was NOT happy about his new phone... doesn't he know how lucky he is to have his own personal iRIP.
Thank you Dr. Greg, and NMFS Team

Monday, June 28, 2010

6/28/2010 DB Dailies

At 0620 I found Ewa Girl & pup (D#34) on the first of their 3 observed swims. I would also see 4 feeds. The pup's coat is definitely changing. The belly has lightened up alot, but I'm still unable to confirm a sex.

Also at 0620, I found Sadie up in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. She would move down to cool off mid morning, and entered the water at 1044. I did not see her again today. Her D#9 molt is 95%.

Duke would join the cast at 1236. The rising tide moved him up and into view from behind the water front rocks at the right end of the beach. He would remain there the rest of the day.

On my 0745 check of the Kokee Flats (KK), I found Irma at "Irma's Grotto" at the very end of the flats.

Team Billand reported Makaiwi (4DF) at the Nimitz Cottages (#1704). They said she had a run in with a dog, but held her own. The owner removed the dog from the area as quickly as possible.

During a telephone conversation with Tracy at 1345, she mentioned that Rocky & RIP had been in Ewa Beach this morning, but had departed around 0700, heading east. I'd known nothing about any of this. The first thing that hit my head, was.....Iroquois Point ??. Tracy mentioned that she had just told Team Billand the same thing moments earlier. I was not in the least surprised when the phone rang at 1400. It was Barbara, advising that they were with Rocky & RIP at Iroquois Point.
Ewa Girl and Pup

6/28/2010 Irma

Heck with biggest... ENORMOUS