Saturday, February 28, 2009

DB Post Saturday 2/28/2009

My first pass of the SE quadrant was a bust, and when I got back to the pier at 0835 I was still batting zero, but on a pan at 1018, I found that a gang of three had hauled out together at the left end of the island. These critters would turn out to be RB08, Mojo and Buster. Mojo was seen just yesterday at La'au Point, on Molokai. I'd last seen RB08 on 2-23-09.

Distressingly, RB08 has a large fish hook at the right corner of her mouth, which as been acquired since I last saw her. Notifications were made, and I have no further info at this writing.

On a pan at 1157 I found little Kolohe just moving out of the Morning Glory at 3BS. I'd seen a trail there earlier, and thought there might be somebody hiding up there. It was the kid.

RIP hauled out to join the rest of the gang at the left end t 1329. He and Mojo had a few spats, but ultimately everybody settled down .

Team Billand had Whale Count duties today, but managed to report Irma and Benny at White Plains , and Ewa Girl back at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park.

I had recieved email from Val this morning reporting the KP2 had departed the Kaunakakai Wharf somewhere between 0330 and 0500, which was good news, however I got another call at 1645 this afternoon , from Val reporting the KP2 had returned at 1430.
Buster, Mojo & RIP
RB08, RIP, & Buster
RB08, RIP, Mojo & Buster

Friday, February 27, 2009

DB Post Friday 2/27/2009

The Rabbit Island cast for today was composed of R301 and Kolohe. They hauled out together at 0957, fronting the 3rd Blue Sign (3BS) on Rabbit Island . They remained there all day. There was some initial nuisance nuzzling, but things quickly settled down to a routine snooze day.

At 0803 when I got to Spitting Cave, I found Buster, for the 2nd day, doing 6 minute dives to the right of the big rock.

The Billands reported an animal at Maili Beach at 1017 . Photos confirm a 2AU ID.

Team Billand called again at 1400 to report Kermit fronting the snack bar at White Plains.

I found voice mail from posse member Rachel this morning at 0630 , reporting that Rocky was on the beach behind Colleen's house at Diamond Head as of 1730 last night. A morning conversation with Colleen confirmed the haul out, and the fact that Rocky was no longer there.

The biggy news of the day began with my finding an email from Diane Pike this morning, advising that she had been contacted by Molokai police last night at 2100, reporting an animal near the "ice house" in Kaunakakai. Since my last trip to Molokai was 30+ years ago, I must confess no knowledge of the geography. Diane and the Bloys got him cordoned off, and as of "middayish" he was still there. Val Bloy will, very probably, be posting something on da' blog to update us all on the latest. Aloha, DB

R301 & Kolohe
Star of the Day - Who could it be? KP2!!

KP2 Details -from Molokai

Aloha to all the KP2 fans--here is a brief update of his activity for the past couple days.

Well on thursday the Molokai Seal Team was alerted to KP's satellite activity on the east end of the island. A number of dedicated volunteers ventured out searching high and low for the little bugger and came up with nothing. So all the volunteers went home (disappointed) and hoping that he'd be found another day.
Well, low and behold he has been found in a very unique place--the wharf at Kaunakakai. Yep, he found himself a cozy little piece of concrete and he has been there since 9 p.m. Thursday evening. We were alerted to his whereabouts by the Molokai POLICE!!!! It's 9 p.m. on Thursday night--"Do you know where your Monk Seal IS???"Diane and I responded to his need for BOND and got him cordoned off and under strict observation. He has been under direct supervision since the call. During thursday evening KP was visited by the police a number of times checking on him. By the time Diane and I got there Friday a.m. he was one pooped monk seal. KP slept most of the morning only stirring to stretch or take care of business!
Lots of folks have come by to observe the little bugger--even the mayor of Molokai (in fact he has stopped by twice)The volunteers were busy giving folks information about KP and all were excited to see him. Well all most all, except for the fellow that does his morning walk around the area where KP was cordoned off. That fellow didn't like that he had to change his walking route. Oh well. KP was observed by many tourists and alot of kids, even a couple cute girls from Wisconsin.
As I close this report, KP is still at the wharf at Kaunakakai.
The volunteers continue to monitor his activities. So we'll let you know what happens tomorrow. Here are a couple photos of the little jail bird!!
P.S. don't worry ALL the appropriate authorities have been contacted and he is in good hands. fondly, val bloy--Molokai Monk Seal Volunteer

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barbara's Story of RO42

I was asked to write a story of R042's departure today. Here goes.....
We ate breakfast at 3:30am, left the house from Waianae at 4:30am. Arrived at the Base in Kaneohe, 5:30am. It was totally dark and we stood there in the dark, talking to each other, not knowing who we were talking to, introducing ourselves.
Brenda Sparks, Barbara Allen, Jessica, Bill, Dr. Braun, Schofield, Chad, Brenda Becker, Tracy Wurth, Nichole Davis, Jamie and others were all present for instructions.
Shield boards were used to guide R042 gently into the cage. She immediately made the Whoop Whoop sounds, so cute, so cool to hear. Oh my, what a defence she has huh??? She went right in and, the two trap doors were opened and R042 saw the opportunity to make a run for it. We yelled and Schofield dashed to the front and slammed the door shut just in the nick of time!!!!! R042 was Caught!!! Phew!!!
The crew tried to lower the lift gate to place the cage on it. They had the same problem of not knowing how to make it lower, but, finally got it going.
I tried so hard to get pics for you all to see, it was just too dark, and then......Schofield asked the Billands to leave and go to a store for some 5minute drying Epoxy along with Super Glue. But, we came all the way from Waianae for this capture.........The Billands left immediately for Lowes in Waikele. Schofield told us to meet them all at the Barbers Pt. airfield with the supplies.
The Billands raced down to Waikele, rushed to find Epoxy and glue. A lady wanted to know what we were using the epoxy for, what project??? We told her a seal knocked off her transmitter, and , we needed to glue the transmitter back on. We found all the supplies finally after some calls to Schofield. Phew.
Rushed to the Airfield at Barbers, where we saw the Crew with R042 in line to enter. I ran to the vans and Schofield noticed me running by and yelled for me. I got the supplies to him and asked if we could please go on the airfield to take photos too. We had a hard time getting in at the gate, the guard told us they knew nothing of us coming and we were'nt allowed to just go in. We gave our Id's, he gave us temporary passes and had to be escorted to the plane.
We ran to Chad and Jamie, got to the plane, but, R042 was already loaded into the plane. And as we arrived to take pictures, to our disappointment, it was difficult due to the plane being dark inside.
I wanted to see her eyes. I wanted to feel her soul. Well, as I took pictures, R042 managed to look right at me and it was an unexplainable feeling. She had this incredible SAD LOOK, never made a sound, just gazed at me and it seemed tears came from her eyes. I was over come and felt for her. Its funny, R042 loved humans, humans who fed her, took pictures with her etc. And now, its humans who are sending her away for the 5th time. In my brain, from my heart, I bid her farewell, blew her a kiss, said a prayer and wished her a safe journey and a happy life. I also wished she'd someday make us babies. Took photos of the crew leaving, hugged them and wished them well and left the site. R042 was on her way to a new home by 9:08am.
We went seal hunting and all we could find out there just across the airfield at Windsock was Kermit, our buddie. He was snoozing on the reef. We heard the Coast Guard plane taking off and snapped a picture with Kermit on the reef and the plane in the air.
Look'll see them. Robert and I and all the many volunteers were proud to have met Miss R042. So long sweet creature of the sea and shore. It has been a pleasure to be in your company and an honor to have met you. Good luck!!!!!!!!! BB

DB Post Thursday 2/26/2009

RIP at the left end and R301 at the right end, made up today's Rabbit Island cast. Neither animal moved more that a single body length all day.

On my 0820 Spitting Cave check, I had an animal enter from the left and purposefully swim further into Maunalua Bay, obviously in travel mode, an only doing 3 quick surfaces as it moved on through. I saw red tags, and thought that it might be Buster, but it was not until 1300 , when I returned to Spitting Cave, that I could actually prove that. Lo and Behold there was Buster directly below me doing multiple 7 minute dives.

The Billands began their day assisting in the departure of RO42 (see da' blog for Barbara's story & photos), and afterward did their SW quadrant checks, reporting Kermit at Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach, and 2AW at Tracks (Kahe Power Plant. Aloha, DB


Meet Woo from Molokai

Aloha Donna,
Haven't sent you any photos for awhile. Thought you might enjoy this picture. This is WOO, he is one of youngsters here on Molokai. Today, we caught him in a rare mode--he was awake!! We usually find him in a deep sleep some where in the rocks. He watched us closely while we took photos and got his tag information. He quickly hit the sleep button as we were leaving the area. Nite, nite little WOO!!! Have a great one.
fondly, val and dianeMolokai

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RO42 Makes the News

Aloha good People!

The infamous RO42 made the papers as well as the evening news.... oh and David was also on the broadcast. Here are the links in cast anyone missed the broadcast.

I guess this is as good a time as any to say it was a pleasure for me to help out this last week watching over RO42.... She is definately a character and I just hope this relocation is good for her and she stays strong and healthy.... and has babies as soon as she can.

DB Post Wednesday 2/25/2009

It was a blustery , miserable day on the pier, but Buster and spent the day together. He had Rabbit Island all to himself today.

Team Billand reported 2AW at Tracks, again, and Kermit spent the day in front of the snack bar at White Plains.

Todd White reported Right Spot at Pipeline, and I heard there was somebody else at Laniakea but I haven't received any word on that animal

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Infamous RO42 Visits Oahu

A Blog Lady,
Today (Monday), 3:50pm, the Naughty Girl...R042 arrived at Kaneohe Marine Corp Base in a nice Chevy Pickup. All the NOAA People were there, Schofield, Becker, Wurth, Braun, and Waterman (FROM NWHI GANG). Of course the loyal Volunteers were also present, anxious to meet the Rebel Girl....R042.

As she came in the Pickup, we all gazed into the large pen she arrived in. She is quite tan, beautiful and she snorted some, but was good. The cage was huge, heavy, difficult to get off the truck. Had problems lowering the tail gate but, finally got it moving lower. AS soon as the door was opened, Miss R042 split from the cage and headed straight to the water, immediately exploring the entire pen. She was quite good and settled down.
Just as KP2, Miss R042 headed straight to the middle of the enclosure. Made her rounds on the bottom and swirled about checking all the perimeter. She is a beautifully colored, sandy female with large eyes. She had a patch on her back where a transmitter once was. There is a slight long line scar on her right side and a dark spot on her chest. She is a clean seal with not many markings.

Schofield threw some fish to R042, but, the little munchkin didn't eat any. David had to go in to remove the fish and R042 never seemed to care acutally.

She may be there just till thursday and then............relocated again to the North Western Hawaiian Islands. Hopefully, this beautiful female seal known as R042, will have a better life, find freedom in her new home, make us some babies to expand the growth of Monk Seals. Love her already and wishing her the best in her future.........Live free, stay safe, Great Seal.............We are all hoping you make it out there.
There, the poor seal is at the base, finally and is resting ok. I wonder if she will remain in the encloser, as she checked every spot and a few times she made big body to look above the fence. And she also stared out of the pen, looking way out and beyond...just as KP2 had done.

DB Post Tuesday 2/24/2009

The Rabbit Island crew proved difficult to identify. There were 3 critters there today, but I only managed to ID R301 at the right end of the beach. I first saw him at 0716, and he was still there on my next check at 0930. He had departed by the time I got back to the pier at 1500.

There was an animal tucked in to the base of the Middle Cliff, at the left end. Though the animal was there all day, I was never able to gleen anything except that it was a medium sized animal with 2 red tags, The animal literally never moved in my presence.

The 3rd member of the cast was a medium sized male, with 2 red tags, but he too never gave me anything at all to allow an ID.

Since the Billands were doing RO42 duty today, I decided to do a SW quadrant check. I departed the pier at 1100 and checked White Plains to Campbell Industrial Park. The only critter was Kermit (1230) cruisin' and snoozin' at the Wind Sock, Kalaeloa Beach. The Billands called on their way home at 1817 to say that Kermit was still there.

The Billands also reported 2AW at Kahe Power Plant this morning at 0958.

Unidentified Male

Unidentified Unknown