Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10-1-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma@MB, Kea@AD, Kolohe&Duke@RI, M&M@WP, Kekoa,Rocky&Buster@RR

At 0545 I found an overnighted Irma (R010) at the right corner of Makapuu Beach. I cordoned her off and she has remained all day. I picked up the stuff at 1900. Irma remains.
I arrived at AD at 0645 and posse member Robert advised that he’d seen Kea (RN46) in a tide pool on the rock flats, 100 yds east of he AD wall, at 0430. He saw him again, foraging off the 200 yds flats at 0630. It would be 0716 before I spied the boy, foraging 200 ft off shore, land 100 ft west of the AD wall. I lost him almost immediately in the surf line.
Posse member Diane Tekai called at 0850 to advise that she was watching Kea haul out to the water front rocks, 75 yds east of the AD wall. When I arrived at 0856 I put up the SPZ. Diane would call again at 1100 to advise that Kea had relocated an addition 50 ft east, to his regular snooze rock. Diane relocated the SPZ. Tanx Eh, Diane !! Gayle checked on Kea after Diane’s departure. Brandi called to advise that Kea entered the water at 1810. She and Marilyn picked up the stuff at dark.
At 1014 I found Kolohe (RW22) and Duke (RA12) together at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island.
Team Billand reported M&M (R020) fronting #1707 White Plains, at 0700.
At 1025 they reported Kekoa (RK72) at the Reef Runway.
At 1051 they advise that 2 more animals were headed to the Reef Runway. At 1105 they confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID, and at 1130 confirmed Buster (RV08) with her. I’d been looking for him all morning at Blowhole and of course Sandy Beach. He was nowhere to be found. Now I know why.

At 1424 I got a call from fisherman posse member Bob, advising that last Sunday he , and others had seen a small animal foraging in Kewalo Basin, with hind flipper tags RN36/37. A photo is said to be coming soon. Lesley was investigating a report of an animal in that area, but I don’t recall what day.

 Irma in the morning
 look i'm doing the back stroke
 sweet dreams
 Kekoa at reef runway all shiny and new
 Kekoa will you find your little sister for gosh sakes
 Kolohe and Duke
 MM peeping 
 wave wash over
 Rocky and Buster
 Mr. big stuff who do you think you are...
 Buster not big stuff... 
 Okay then
 Rocky doing the back stroke

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