Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10-9-2013 Lesley Finds FIVE!

rk36 our Kauai male known as Kerby (not to be confused with Oahu Kerby RW08)
 RL42  molting a little more
 RN58 Luana
 nothing could be cuter than a curious weaner
 RO40 Ka'ena
 RW02 calling out around the point
 come out come out wherever you are....

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Lesley said...

RK36 is from Kauai and his nickname there is Kolohe.
Here we call him Kauai Kolohe ;)
Special guy, first time he came to Oahu (as far as we know) was on a Coast Guard plane with a fishing hook in his throat. After rehab he was flown back to Kauai and released but with a radio/cel on his back. Short while after his signal showed in Kaneohe (followed RK28 "KC" girl that had also been in Kauai). Since then he has made several trips back and forth between the islands. Lately he has been seen around the island with:R010 "Irma",R016 "Right Spot" and R912 "Nihoa" all three weaned their 2013 pups recently