Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10-2-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma@MB, Kolohe,Duke&UF@RI, Kea@SB, Kaiwi@BF, M&M,Buster@WP, Kerby@Maili Pt, Makaiwi@Makaha, Kekoa@RR

At 0555 I found Irma (R010) right where I’d left her last night. This is D#3 of her Makapuu stay. Molting behavior is pretty much certain . I cordoned her off, and she remains.  I picked up the stuff at 1900. Irma remains.
At 0910 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the left end of the beach, Duke (RA12) at Seal Rock Inlet and an U/F at Rocky Right Beach. It was definitely a juvenile female with 2 red tags, but I couldn’t ID her. Since I found out later that Kaiwi was at Buster Flats, and this animal was about her size, I’m hoping for Nani but ???????????
I’d been doing the Kea Kuest all morning, going back and forth between AD and Crappy Cove. Once again it was bull.... luck that I just happened to pull into Crappy Cove just as Kea (RN46) was swimming toward shore, at 1015. He would finally haul out to the water front rocks to the east side of the cove, at 1040. I cordoned him off. Gayle relieved me at 1300, and called at 1353 to advise that Kea was in the water. She and I monitored Kea as he foraged and lolled the entire frontage of the cove, until finally departing at 1613. I found him foraging in the tide pools behind "derelict row", where all the "permanent resident" van dwellers live between the cove and Irma’s, at 1623.

At 1136 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at Buster Flats.
Cianna called at 0840 with the report of an animal at White Plains. The Billands would confirm the M&M ID and also advised that M&M relocated to Tower #2 at 1307.
At 0842 Team Billand found Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.
At 0842 they also reported what they would confirm as Makaiwi (R4DF) at the Makaha Surfside Condos, at 0923.
At 1032 the Billands reported that Buster (RW08) had joined M&M at WP. Buster would depart at 1117.

The Billands called at 1312 to advise that they had heard from Eileen, reporting Kekoa (RK72) at the Reef Runway.

 Irma at Dawn
 Kaiwi - why don't you go visit your little brother ? 
 Kea cruising at Sandy's.... 
 Kea has attracted quite and audience
  unidentified female
KaiKaina - relieved to see your little self... 
little sister
 La'akea snoozong
 big sister
 and let the molt begin!
 Maka'iwi gives you a good look at her back... still no clue what the hell was going on here... but is for sure going to leave her with a good size scar

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barbara said...

We were with Makaiwi, Debbie and I. Got the call of seal at plains...called Vera to go check out M and m. She found her and roped her off, Miss Jean Jasina watched her when Buster showed up. Jean then saw Buster leave, she went to look for him BUSTER, found him at windsock. He would leave there too.

We finally got there at Plains, but no seal...M and M took off to Plains Tower 2. We saw her hauling in and folks going to her. I ran with two signs...lifeguard saw us trying to get to the seal. He came grabbed another set of signs, the three of us quickly set up a new zone for M and M. No sight of BUSTER ANY WHERE.

And I need to thank my hero, DEBBIE who sat with Makaiwi from 9am to 6pm. This lady got guts, a big heart for seals, and some really brave courage to sit all those hours.

We got back to Makaiwi sight, me and Deb took care of her the rest of the time to 6pm. It poured heavy rain, but we stuck it out.

I kept calling for other volunteers to relieve us, but, NO ONE CAME..THANKS DEBBIE you are sooooo appreciated.

And Makaiwi continues to heal herself...laying in the sun on shore in this small lagoon. There were many homeless close by...the two of us stood guard and we both educated all who came by.

So...Thanks Jean Jasina, Vera Cober who went back to M and M to remove the ropes for us so we could keep watch with Makaiwi.

And my hugs, to miss Debbie of Makaha, for all her help in watching out for .... Makaiwi...our sweet seal.

Oh and we also met, Robin and was fun talking to them. We felt proud of our Makaiwi, even if she is hurt..she is still a pretty baby.

Makaiwi remained on shore after our watch...hope folks were respectful. God bless you Makaiwi, LOVE YOU......B