Sunday, November 4, 2018

11/4/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Mrs. Whisper who spent her day checking out the critters on Rabbit Island.  Marilyn also checked all the eastside hot spots but didn't find any seals.
In her own words:

I viewed Rabbit Island from about 10:40 am to 12:40 pm.

I saw six seals, only two for which I have IDs. Three seals were on Left Point Beach on the Waimanalo side of the 1BS. One seal (RW22) was near the 3BS. Seal 5 came up from SRI. Seal 6 was behind waterfront rocks on Rocky Right Beach.

Seal 1 - Unknown Weaner, female I believe.  I think I saw a small bleach on the left rear side which would make it RK37 (Sadie's pup). But I'm not sure, so UW

Seal 2 - Unknown Subadult (USA).  This seal only ever showed it's left side. It has a new coat and I believe there is a scar in front of the LFF. Could be R1KT. (usa???? - are the others from somewhere else? LOL :-) 

Seal 3 - RN46 Kea. ID'd by adult size, male belly and natural bleaches on both front flippers. He appears to be about 95% molted with one patch of fur left on his mid left side. I'm pretty sure this is my Seal 3 from yesterday that I reported as 95% molted.

Seal 4 - RW22 Kolohe, ID's by adult size, old coat, male belly, one tag, and I saw but did not get a photo of the natural bleach behind his RFF.  I don't see any more molting than I did yesterday.

Seal 5 - Unknown Male, subadult to adult, with newish coat.  My guess is RG32, but can't confirm that.

Seal 6 - did not see this seal initially. First became aware of the seal at 11:55 am.  The seal was far to the right on Rocky Right Beach mostly hidden behind the waterfront rocks.  I don't really even have a gauge on size.

I have been cropping my photos to make the seals bigger recently.  Today I just resized the photos so the seals will seem smaller.

NOAA please go to RI and bleach some seals.  YES !!! I second this request PLEASE!

 Seal #1 U/W 
 Seal #2  USA - okay now I know Unidentified Sub-Adult
 Seal #5
 Seal #6 

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