Wednesday, November 21, 2018

11/21/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  

Early morning Team Billand found one seal on the lower rocks. ( In Barb's words) to their surprise and disappointment, no Kekoa nor Kaale. BUT there was H92 alone and snoozing. Her markers and tags were visible and volunteer Kathy arrived happy to meet RH92.

Their next stop brought them to a westside beach and while standing looking around they spotted a seal coming in. Here comes RIP RR70, who Team Billand hadn't see in a while. He has a nice new coat, tags showing, scar over eye, three little ditto marks on his lower back. He is looking good, healthy and slender.

While Team Billand was out and about they got a call about a seal hauling out by Nimitz. They headed over and there was one of their favorite boys Benny RE74. He was alone moving higher up on the beach to stay dry. His dirty tags, surgical scar, CC scar all visible. He's newly molted and looking good.

Last find of the day was when Team Billand returned to check on the other critters. There they spotted another seal and easily ID'd Kawana by her applied bleach N6, tags RH36/37. Kawena was right next to RH92 these two little girls hanging out.  RIP was still up on High Rocks snoozing.

And to end their day Team Billand spotted two whales off Ranches late this afternoon.

 Rip RR70
 Ba Ba Benny
 Kawena & RH92 

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