Sunday, November 11, 2018

11/11/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn and Melody. 

Team Billand found Kekoa Alii RK72 late morning on a west side beach. He was off to the right, looking fat and green. He was snoozing alone on the rocks. When they did a recheck he was still there and his signature scar on right side of his face was visible.

Their next find was RL42 Leia alone on the rocks with tags visible. On their way back she was still there only difference, she was now facing the ocean.

Team Billand made several attempts to check the outfall and surrounding beaches and came up empty. Then finally they spotted Ka'ale RH32 hauling out. He galumphed over the rocks to the pond. His tags were visible and he was alone.

At the end of the day Team Billand got a call that there was a seal haul out at plains. Team Billand called the hotline to inform them, just in case they couldn't make it out there.  But of course the Billands did make it out there and got ropes and signs and set up a zone. Team Billand was able to ID Buster V08. He is very green and grubby, and should be molting soon.

Melody headed out this evening to get some sunset photos and was surprised to find her most favorite seal momma Rocky RH58 laying at the waters edge. Rocky was identified by he natural bleach mark on her LFF. She called the hotline and informed them of her location. Security brought out signs and they set up a perimeter. There were several folks on site curious about this seal and Melody was able to provide some outreach about her beloved Rocky. Rocky was still there when she left after sunset.

Marilyn was at the pier to check out Rabbit Island, and apparently she hit the jackpot  with seven seals.  She was able to ID a few of them but there are several unknowns. 
Seal #1 - located between Left Point Beach and 1BS. Weaner size, female belly, yellowish-brown coat two tags. U/W
Seal #2 - located about 30 feet Lanikai side of the 1BS near the waterline. Subadult to adult size with a newish coat, two tags, female belly.  U/F
Seal #3 - RW22 Kolohe - located behind waterfront rocks about 40 feet left of the 3BS. Large size, old coat, starting to molt (maybe 25%), natural bleach behind RFF, male belly.
Seal #4  - RN46 Kea about midway between 3BS and SRI. ID'd by male belly, new coat, natural bleaches on both front flippers, two tags. RN46 moved to the rocks near SRI and later he moved up the beach towards seals 6 & 7, then out onto the rock flats of SRI.
Seal #5 - Initially located about 10 feet towards SRI than Kea. Weaner size, brownish yellow coat, female belly, 2 tags. Unable to ID or see any natural bleach mark. U/W
Seal #6 - Behind waterfront rocks right of SRI. Large adult size newer coat, two tags. Marilyn was unable to determine gender since she never got a look at its belly. The seal was larger than bot Kea and R1KT. U/A
Seal #7 - Initially on rocks flats about 10 feet right of Seal #6. Subadult size, new coat, two tags, male belly. Marilyn may have seen the partial ventral CC scar that would ID him as R1KT.

Kekoa Alii
 RL42 Leia
Ka'ale RH32
Buster V08
Rocky RH58
Rabbit Island Seal #1 U/W
 seal #2 U/F
Seal #3 Kolohe RW22
Seal #4 Kea RN46 - with R1KT & U/A
Seal #5 U/W
 Seal #6 U/A
 Seal #7 R1KT
U/A, R1KT & RN46

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b said...

I feel for Mrs. Dunlap...she gives it her all to id the seals on RI. Today she had 7 seals, SEVEN of them. Luckily she id's some but the rest are unknowns. That to me is so disheartening.

I wish with all my heart and soul, there was a way to help Mrs Dunlap. I know of one way....BLEACH the buggas, so Marylin can do her job. She is trying hard to keep DB's Legacy going...THEIR HARD WORK FOR MANY YEARS...through a SCOPE 1/8th mile away.

I appreciate you Marylin...KEEP TRYING, NEVER GIVE UP..DB is right beside you.

NOW A WORD OF CAUTION: When you are at the beach, you get a small scratch, TAKE CARE OF IT...Clean it out, Take care of it.

In todays world, there are so many diseases, bacteria around...You cant imagine what can happen to that little scratch. Life is important, we have one chance on earth..make the best of it. Pay attention to little scratches...or heaven forbid, you can lose your life.

I want to thank ROBERT and My Daughter for standing by me through some tough times...and some really great friends who cared.

And to my puppies, my little pals who were right there for me too...

LIFE IS PRECIOUS....and full of CHALLENGES...I learned the hard way.

I am so grateful for the OCEAN, OUR BELOVED MONK SEALS, MY FAMILY and my dear friends. I cant wait to be with a seal, feel the wind on my face, sand on my feet.

Seal Ya, B