Monday, November 26, 2018

11/26/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: Yesterday's News of Rabbit Isalnd

Aloha Good People
I unfortunately missed Marilyn's Rabbit Island Update last night and it is for sure worth posting.  I think I missed her email by minutes. So in her own words:

I viewed Rabbit Island from about 12:15 to 3:15.  Ultimately I saw 7 (or possibly 8) seals.

Seal 1: near the Left Point Beach rocks - unknown juvenile female, yellowish belly, 2 tags.  This may be weaner RK37, but she seems to be too big.  I did not see an applied N6 bleach so I don't think it's Kawena (RH36).

Seal 2: about 50 feet left of the 1BS - RK38 Hali'a by weaner size, female belly, 2 tags and no NB on lower left side.  

Seal 3:  RN46 Kea - hauled out to join Seal 2 at 12:35. ID'd by male belly, 2 tags, new coat and natural bleaches on all four flippers. When I scanned back at about 3:10 pm, I noticed that Kea had departed.

Seals 4-6: in a group on the rocks near Seal Rock Inlet.  In one photo the group of 3 was joined by 2 birds (I believe they were golden plovers).

Seal 4: Juvenile female with yellowish belly, 2 tags.  Again I looked for an applied N6 bleach and did not see it.

Seal 5: Adult male with new coat and at least one tag. I initially thought this was RW22 Kolohe, but I never saw his natural bleach behind his RFF.  He has a silver belly.

Seal 6: Adult unknown mostly hidden behind Seals 4 and 5;  appeared to be the same adult size as Seal 5 and had a new coat and a silver belly.

Seal 6 moved to the left of the Seals 4 and 5 at 1:45.  Then at 2:05 I became aware of Seal 7 next to Seal 6 (in fact I don't know which one was Seal 6). I think Seal 7 was smaller than Seal 6. Seals 6 and 7 then moved across the waterfront rocks and entered the water together..  While I was watching them, I realized Seal 5 had also entered the water alone.  Then I lost track of them.

Seal 8 (maybe Seal 5 or 6 from earlier).  At 2:41 pm when I was making my last scan of the island I found RW22 Kolohe on the rocks left of Left Point Beach.  He was ID's by the natural bleach behind his RFF, his new coat and male belly.

If you are confused, join the club.  

RK38 Hali'a & Kea RN46
  RW22 Kolohe
 Seal #1 UF 
 Seals #4-6
 Seals #4-7
 Seals #6 & #7

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