Monday, November 12, 2018

11/12/2018 Monk Seal Dailies (part 1)

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Team T&D, Melody and Lesley. Lesley and Marilyn did the Ka'ena point trek and Lesley's complete update is part two of the dailies.

Team Billand's first find of the day they spotted a seal foraging doing 5 to 6 minute dives. They were on the Leeward side and watched the seal for a bit and he finally hauled out. He had bumps on his left side and they confirmed it was Kekoa Alii RK72. He settled on the rocks, and stayed there all day.

Team Billand headed over to the outfall and stood on the jetty looking for seals. There were lots of folks in the water, snorklers, divers, kayaks, surfers..... and then finally Team Billand spotted a seal.
Hmmm wonder who it could be?  The seal was foraging then came into the outfall and grabbed a fish. (still not sure who this might be?) He played with it in the corner of the outfall, then popped his head up with the fish in his mouth chomping on it. This gave a couple of the fishermen a good laugh.  Of course this is critter is none other than Ka'ale RH32 and after eating his akule he left the area.
Later in the day they checked one of his usual haul outs and there he was sleeping on the rocks. This boy is mighty fat and healthy. 

Team T&D (Tammy and Dave) went out to Turtle Bay today. Their only find was Right Spot R016 in her spot, therefore Team T&D picked the best spot to find Right Spot in her spot. :-)   It's been a while since she been back there so nice to hear she isn't giving up her ...... spot.  

Melody checked early this morning and sure enough Rocky was still on the beach in the same spot she was last evening. Melody called the hotline to report she was still there.  After an hour Rocky started to move down to the water. Melody spent a couple of hours with her then left her.  Later in the day Melody heard from one of her neighbors that Rocky had left mid morning.  

Kekoa Alii RK72
 Ka'ale RH32
Right Spot R016
Rocky RH58
 who turned on the lights?

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