Tuesday, October 23, 2018

10/23/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies brings you monk seals in the news.  
Barbara is still under the weather so I don't plan on hearing from her....  Lesley was on the road today but did see Napua RK40 on the beach by her house this morning before she left for the day.

Here is a link to a story put out by NOAA fisheries about RH32 Ka'ale:

Hawaiian Monk Seal With Several Ingested Hooks Returned to Wild: NOAA Fisheries released a Hawaiian monk seal named Ka'ale (RH32) back to the wild after removing a large fishing hook from his tongue at the NOAA Inouye Regional Center on Ford Island, O'ahu.

In addition there is a story about the devastation to French Frigate Atoll:

Lesley's Mini Update:
This a 2 in 1mini report & apologies for delay. I've been off the last couple of days.
On early Sunday morning before heading to town I did a quick monitoring of the beaches in front from Birth Beach to Camp Erdman.
From the Keiki Coves I saw the shadow of a seal down at Camp Erdman. Went to check and found RN58 "Luana" with a fresh trail of a 2nd seal going down the dune into the water.
Yesterday I went down in the early afternoon with Kimo and we saw RK40 "Napua" on our KPt beach access. We went or a dip and as we came out we saw her galumphing down the steep dune towards the water. She let the waves wash her but didn't enter.
Looking towards CE we saw a shadow on the dune but didn't have time to go check who it was.  More tomorrow 🌺

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