Wednesday, October 17, 2018

10/17/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: RH32, RO28, RK96, RJ06

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Marilyn. I also have a correction from yesterdays' update. The photos from Anissa were of Honey Girl in Hau'ula and the other one was Right Spot at MCBH. 

Team Billand first stop this morning was out to Paradise Cove and there were no seals. Then they headed over to the outfall. It took a bit but they finally spotted Kaale RH32 doing 6 minute dives and foraging.  
At one point they saw a huge splash and then spotted Kaale coming up with a fish that had huge spikes or "bones", they were unable to tell what type of fish. He played with it for a bit then disappeared. He reappeared briefly and then was gone.  Later they found him hauled out at a nearby beach on the rocks. He would get washed off, but came right back up on the rocks.

Team Billand received a call that there was a seal at secrets, AND it was blocked off for filming of Magnum PI.  Team Billand got to meet the pooch that plays Zeus on the program. (hmmm wonder if they got an autograph :-)

They were able to gain access with the help of Auntie Nettie. They got to the beach and there was Pohaku RO28 with a small zone around her. Team Billand made the zone a little safer by leaving one side opened as the tide was rising, there was very little beach where she was hauled out.  Team Billand  called the hotline and waited for a volunteer to arrive.

Marilyn had a GREAT surprise today when she headed over to Kaimana Beach after her seminar to meet Aka RJ06 hanging out with Kaiwi RK96.
Aka was DB's last Rabbit Island pup (mom RB12 Sadie) born on 5/4/2017. This was the first opportunity to observe him on a beach, as he is usually seen through a scope.
Kaiwi is looking healthy, she has put on good weight since weaning her RK24 and molting. She was ID'd by her natural bleach on her forehead, female belly and K96 tag.
Aka RJ06 was ID'd by his J06/07 tags, juvenile size,and male belly. He finished his molt on Rabbit Island last month. Marilyn noted that he did not seem to be wary with so many people around.

Kaale and his spiny fish
 look how handsome  
 one of the lads... Zeus 
 Meet Aka RJ06  (wish DB was here to see him)
 Kaiwi and Aka (look how big she is compared to him)

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