Sunday, October 21, 2018

10/21/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: RH32, RK72, RO28, RH36, RK37, RN46 &U/Ms

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Marilyn.  

Team Billand checked the outfall and they spotted two seals off shore of the outfall. They were way out, at times they would attempt to come closer.  They only saw Kekoa RK72 come into the outfall and go out. They lost sight of both critters.

They checked out the nearby favorite haul out and sure enough Kaale RH32 was already there on the rocks alone.  They left and returned later, Ka'ale was still there and now joined with Kekoa. Kekoa was in the shallow water hole snoozing.

Team Billand got a call from KoOlina, and Robert headed over to check. There was Pohaku RO28, ID'd by female belly, cookie scares, and stub of a tag.  Robert set up a zone and left when volunteer showed up.

Marilyn did the local Hawaii Kai check for seals this morning. Marilyn found a critter at spitting cave. She was able to ID Kawena RH36 by applied N6 bleach on her right side, juvenile size and 2 red tags.

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from the pier for about 2 hours early afternoon and spotted four seals.
Left of the 1BS (RK37), one initially right in front of the 1BS (UM#1) and two seals about 40 feet to the right of the 3BS (UM#2 and RN46 Kea)

 Kekoa & Kaale 
Rabbit Island -  UM#1 and RK37 weaner
 RK37 Weaner
 UM #1
 UM#2 and Kea

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