Friday, October 12, 2018

10/12/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: RH32, U/U, RO28, RR70

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  

They started their day at 6 am at the outfall. They spent a little time talking with the fishermen and about 20 minutes later they saw two seals. One seal came into the outfall and went right for the live bait.... hmmmmmm wonder who that could be.  Ka'ale !!!
The fishermen aware of his antics pulled his line in before Ka'ale could steal anything. Ka'ale threw him a look (silly seal).  
The other seal was too far out and never came in, so they report it as a UU.

Next find for Team Billand was on the westside. They spent quite a bit of time walking looking and they were rewarded by finding Miss Pohaku RO28. She was well hidden, sleeping peacefully.

At another westside beach they found RIP RR70 on the lower rocks, alone resting with the crabs. Guess the crabs were enjoying using him as their own private island.

In other news:  I just caught up with my emails and was sad to hear about the passing of Marjorie Ziegler, Executive Director of the Conservation Council for Hawaii for the last 15 years. I had the pleasure to meet this amazing woman on a couple of occasions and all I can say is Hawaii has lost a valuable advocate for protecting our island's ecosystem, and all the native plants and animals.  
My heartfelt condolences to her family, loved ones, co-workers and all that she stood for.
 looking handsome RH32 
 Pohaku RO28
 Mr. crab

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