Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/8/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie&PO2, Aukai,Kea&UU@RI, Nihoa&Kimo Kai@Maili Guard Rails, Pohaku@Makaha, Kerby@Kauai

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0632 I could barely see a large animal up in the Morning Glory at the log, 40 ft left of IBS. I had no hope of getting an ID, until at 0624 a little pair of black hind flippers rose up from behind. It was Sadie&PO2 (RB12). They would be in the water when I got back at 0855, hauling out at 0956 for a feed and a snooze. They would enter the water again at 1358.

 At 0855 I found Aukai (RL12)&Kea (RN46) together in the Morning Glory fronting 1BS , and what would remain an U/U out on the left end rock flats. Crappy lighting & nuisance rain made it a difficult day.

 At 0758 Team Billand checked in with the report of Nihoa (R912) at Guard Rails.

 They would call back at 0802 to advise that Kimo Kai (RT12) was trying to haul out to join Nihoa, but she wasn’t goin’ for it. Ultimately the little dude successfully hauled out to join her.

 At 1006 the Billands reported Pohaku (RO28) at Makaha Beach. Thank you to Debbie, and pup Dawn, for a lonnnng hard day.

 Kauai posse member Mary Miyashiro sent shots of my #6 son , Kerby (RW08), happy and well on Kauai. Though a Rabbit Island boy at heart, his world expanded at an early age.

 Aukai and Kea
 Sadie and PO2 
 Gorgeous !! 
 Kimo Kai
 Kimo Kai and Nihoa
 Pohaku at Makaha
 Hi Deb and Deb'a Pup Dawn :-)   THANK YOU!

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b said...

Huge thanks to Deb and Daughter for watching over Pohaku Yesterday again. How many hours did she stay this time???? Deb stayed from 8:30am to 8pm last night. 11 hours people...come on somebody, help out on west side some times...give Deb a break.

Unbelievable Volunteer...god bless you Miss Debbie.

And later in night, a report vehicles were driving on the sand at Makaha Beach...Oh my gosh. I hope Pohaku ran.