Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/9/2015 Two Seals in Hauula report from Tony Q

At approximately 1500 I found 5AY resting on the reef where she'd been reported. She seemed comfortable but I noticed a white discharge from both nostrils.

 I37 was not where she'd been reported. After a half hour of searching and hearing reports of a seal offshore by various people I spotted a seal who I assumed was I37, foraging just offshore in the same area (behind Hau Ľula BBQ) doing 2 minute dives.

 Eventually I returned to 5AY's location but she had departed so I was no longer sure the seal I saw foraging offshore really was I37.

 I returned to where I saw the swimming seal earlier and was pleasantly surprised to find two seals foraging. I didn't see any direct interaction between them but they did not stray too far from the area. They were still foraging in the area when I departed around 1700. I left Candy.

Happy Mother's Day Honey Girl 
 RI37?  maybe could be? 

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