Friday, May 8, 2015

5/7/2015 Shout out to Debbie out at Makaha

A big thank you to Debbie for hanging out with Pohaku.... We appreciate your caring and watching over this magnificent critter !!

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b said...

Thanks to Debbie, our Makaha Warrior who sits out there alone in the hot sun with any seal.

Most volunteers dont know her, because not many volunteers come west side. She is a great person, has lots of courage, sits with the seals for 8 hours...that is a GREAT VOLUNTEER. And she has to face many idiots that all want to walk up to the seals for a photo.

I dont know how she does it..sit there hour after hour. She got her pretty umbrella, her small drink and her NEW CHAIR, Ready to defend our seals. God Bless you Debbie.

I called her yesterday as we were coming from TOWN. She said, Sure Barb, I'll go ID THE SEAL AND PUT OUT SIGNS. And about 1/2 hour later, she did just that..ID Miss Pohaku.

I think she said she was still with Pohaku at 7:30pm..still defending her small space on shore at Makaha.

My hugs, my thanks...go to Miss Debbie. God bless you girl..good job.

And thanks to Miss Donna for posting her two shots of Pohaku. Deb sent them in to me late last night, AFTER DB sent out his dailys. Miss Donna was kind enough to post those shots...YEAH.