Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The morning began with a report of Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove at 0630. Barbara made the ID by tag O28. Chrissy, Zuly, and Melina each took a shift with Pohaku and provided outreach to people in the area. At 0654 a report came in about a seal hauled out at White Plains Beach. The caller believed the seal was Rocky (RH58) but the ID was not confirmed at the initial sighting. Chrissy responded and was able to confirm Rocky (RH58). At 0821 Brittany and Jon checked in with a report of Kawena (RH36) in the tidepools at Alan Davis. Carola checked in at 1604 with a report of Ka'ale (RH32) at the Mokuleia birth beach. When Carola arrive she observed 2 people near Ka'ale. Ka'ale departed into the water.

Melina checked in via email with and update from her shift with Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove. Pohaku slept peacefully until 1540. She moved over to the rocks and roll in the water. Pohaku made her way towards the ropes with floaters and decided to play with the white floater for a few minutes. She swam away at 1550. Everyone was very nice and respectful. A big mahalo to Zach from Ocean Safety for his help.

 Carola checked in via email with a report of Ka'ale (RH32) arriving back to the birth beach in Mokuleia at 1630.


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