Saturday, August 27, 2016

DB's Dailies: (cont) 8/27/2016 Team Billand

Kekoa @Maili Point
 Pohaku @ Maili Beach Park
 This is disturbing... I hope these ladies got control of the dog soon after this was taken
Nihoa at Guard Rails
 RL42 and RW02 at 30 min beach


b said...

We were talking with Melina, when a pitbull suddenly showed up, owner above, yelling at it to come.

I told Melina, I will grab a sign if needed to protect Pohaku, I also told Olivia to stay with me, dont yell if the dog comes, stay with me.

Melina proceeded to dog to try to make it go away.

The dog came running towards me and Olivia. I reached out to the dog and grabbed the choker collar. He tried to leave, I just held on gently.

Owner came, she told us the name of the dog, "TRITON!". Lady took the collar of the dog and walked away, LEFT. Phew. Little drama there for a second. Pohaku was fine, dog never approached her...BUT HE COULD HAVE. I know that Once a dog sees or smells the seals, they go to investigate right away. I have seen it a million times in our years with the seals.

Happy ending this time...THANK GOD.

MC said...

Thanks Zuly for relieving me that day. Good job!

MC said...

Also, thanks Chrissy for relieving Zuly later on. Good thing you did, with those kids throwing dead fish at her and all. When I showed up to check on her and you and spoke to those five boys, it sure was like talking to a wall. They made up more stories than I thought possible. Then after I left, Benny also showed up at the sunset hour. Good job ladies!