Monday, August 29, 2016

HMMA Update from August 28th

At 0710 a report came in about 2 seals at Depots Beach. Barbara ID'ed Benny (RE74) by tags and Pohaku (RO28) by scars. At 0849 a report came in about a seal hauled out infront of the Elks Loge. Brittany ID'ed Kaiwi (RK96) by tag. She checked in again to report Kaiwi's deaparted at 1026. She was observed heading east. At 1010 a report came in about a seal at Alan Davis no ID could be made at the inital sighting. At 1125 a report came in about a seal at Makalei Beach. Brittany responded and ID'ed Kaiwi (RK96). At 1132 a report came in about a swimming seal at Alan Davis. ID could not be confirmed. At 1138 Karen T checked in with a report of Lei Ola (RH48) at the Keiki Pool at Turtle Bay. At 1306 a report came in about a seal at the Elbow. The seal was ID'ed as Holokai (RG40). Marilyn checked in at 1816 to report there was no sign of Kawena (RH36) at Alan Davis.

 Karen T. checked in via email. She arrived at Keiki Pool at 0915 to find Lei Ola (RH48) asleep east of the SPZ. The weaner went into the pool around 1000, foraging and carrying sticks for about an hour. Lei Ola hauled out and dug around in the sand, Lei Ola remained asleep when Karen left at 1300.

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