Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DB's Dailies: Kawena@AD, Sadie,Cass,Kala&U/M@Rabbit Island, RL42@Westside KP Trail, Ka'ena&BG@ 10 Min Bch, Luana@Hidden Beach, RIP@KP, Ka'ale@Mokuleia,Ua Malie&PO5@Turtle Bay

Marilyn was on it at 0530 as usual, and found Kawena (RH36) in the water. When she had to depart for work, Kawena was swimming outside the zone, moving west. I’ve heard nothing further from AD all day,

 At 0900 I found a 75% molted Sadie (RB12), right of 3BS on Rabbit Island. She would be joined by a 25% molted Cass (RG06), and Kala (RH76).

 I found an U/M on the left end rock flats at RI, at 0922. He would haul out briefly to Kala at 1227, but immediately departed. My guess is Kekoa, but I can’t prove a thing, so an U/M is required.

 Team Billand checked in at 1237 with the report of RL42 along side the West Side , Ka’ena Point trail.

 Posse member Tammy T., trekked to the End of the World. At the 10 minute beach the found what appeared to be Ka’ena (RO40) and what I believe to be BG(R303). Nihoa would be my 2nd choice, but scars seem to support the BG ID. , and at Hidden Beach reported Luana (RN58). At the point Tammy reported RIP (RR70) on the back beach. On they way home she stopped off to spend time with Ka’ale (RH32) at Mokuleia. Thanks Tammy.... Ya’ Done Good

 Diane G. Mail brought shots of Ua Malie (RT10) & PO5 at Turtle Bay. Thank You Diane.

 Kala, Sadie and Cass
 Sadie and Kala
 UM and Kala
Sunrise at ADs
 back stroke
BG & Ka'ena
Lil' Luana
Ua Malie & PO5
 mom mom mom wake up mom
 Is it lunchtime yet?
 napping again?!
 Mom you are sooooo silly

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