Thursday, August 11, 2016

HMMA Update From August 10th

At 0946 a report came in about a seal at lagoon #1 at Koolina. The seal was ID'ed as Ipo (RI37) by tag by Barbara. Zuly responded. Zuly checked in with a report of Ipo departure at 1440. At 1050 a report came in about a seal at Makalei Beach Park. No ID could be made. Debbie checked in at 1127 with a report 2 seals at Waikomo Beach. The seal's were ID'ed as Pohaku (RO28) by tag O28 and Benny (RE74) ID'ed by facial scars. At 1825 Marilyn checked in from Alan Davis with a report of Kawena (RH36).

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