Monday, August 15, 2016

8/15/2016 DB's Dailies: RG32&U/F@Rabbit Island, UU@Moku Nui, Kawena@AD, RW02@Ka'ena Point, Rocky@White Plains, RL42&Benny@Makua Cliffs,

Marilyn came back from her morning AD check, not having found Kawena. I was low tide with lots of rocks showing, and crap lighting so she was probably hiding right there, but ???? I heard nothing for any source the rest of the day. Marilyn will be going again after work. Kawena was snoozin’ on the evening shift and was heading for the water as the day ended.

 At 0848 I found what would be an U/F just hauling out to Seal Rock Inlet, Rabbit Island. She would immediately move behind rocks and I never got a good enough look to be able to make a call. Sadie,Nani,Aukai&Cass are all sporting new coats and no good markers, so ????????

 At 0924 RG32 hauled out to join the U/F. ID was by his size, and old coat. He too was hidden most of the day.

 At 0723 Team Billand found an over nighted Rocky (RH58) still on the Ewa Beach side of the White Plains east perimeter fence. Chrissy advised that she was gone on her 1001 check.

 A 0949 the Billands found RL42 once again at Makua Cliffs,

 At 1006 they reported Benny (RE74), also at Makua Cliffs but at a separated location. The Billands reported him gone at 1031.

 Barbara once again did an End of the World trek from the west side. She found RW02 at the main pool at 1321.

 UU and Seal on Moku Nui :-) 

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