Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HMMA Update from August 15th

At 0727 a report came in about Rocky (RH58) at White Plains Beach. Barbara ID'ed the seal by natural bleach on left fore flipper and pit scar on right shoulder. At 0930 Chrissy checked in to report Rocky's departure. At 1056 Diane checked in from Mokuleia with a report of BG (R303). ID was made by cookie cutter scar on the ventral midbody. At 1126 Diane checked in again with a report of Ka'ale (RH32) tucked in the rocks. ID was made by tags H32/H33. Diane reported RK36 hauling out near Ka'ale at 1250. RK36 departed and moved further along the beach to the birth beach. ID was made by the line scar behind right fore flipper.

 Karen T. checked in to the hotline and also checked in via email with a report of Ua Maile (RT10) and P05 at the Keiki Pool at 1600. Pup was nursing. Karen also checked the Elbow where she found Holokai (RG40) sleeping near the rocks by the water line. ID was made by tag G40.
He is very green but does not appear to have started molting. He remained sleeping. Karen went back to Keiki Pool and found mom and pup had shifted position. Pup appeared to be sleeping rather than nursing. Karen departed at 1800 as the rain clouds rolled in.

 Carola checked in via email from Mokuleia. She reported that it was a quiet shift, RK36 was still sleeping on the west side of the beach. Ka’ale (RH32) was on the east side of the beach hidden between the rocks.

 Holokai.... can he get any greener?
 Ua Malie and PO5

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