Sunday, August 7, 2016

HMMA Update from August 6th

At 1302 Gina checked in from Elbow Beach with a report of a very green Holokai (RG40). At 1311 a report came in about a seal at Paradise Cove. Terri responded and ID'ed Pohaku (RO28). Lusi checked in via email. She couldn't find Ka'ale when she first arrived for her shift first.

Lusi eventually found him in the tide pool on the East side of the birth beach. Around 0930 Ka'ale swam around and got a sea cucumber. He eventually went back to the tide pool to sleep a little bit more. At the end of Lusi's shift, he hauled out to the beach on the east side of the birth beach within the SPZ.

 Karen T. checked in via emai. On her afternoon shift she found Ua Maile (RT10) and PO5 in the water. The pup hauled out but Mom stayed in the water swimming and floating most of the time. 

Jason checked in via email with some great photos of Kawena (RH36).

 Ua Malie and PO5
 Jason O'Rourke's fine eye

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