Tuesday, August 2, 2016

8/2/2016 DB's Dailies: Nani,Aukai,KalaCass&Sadie@Rabbit Island, RL42,RK36,RIP&Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point,

At 0800 I found what would prove to be Nani (RK60) at Rocky Right Beach, Rabbit Island. She would remain there all day.

 Also at 0800 I found Aukai (RL12) in the Morning Glory 80 ft right of 3BS.

 At 1009 Kala (RH76)(1009) hauled out of Seal Rock Inlet.

 At 1214 Cass (RG06) hauled out left of Seal Rock Inlet. Kala would galumph over to join her. Cass has officially begun her molt. Her center chest area is 15% molted.

 Aukai had entered the water earlier, and at 1330 hauled out to join Cass & Kala.

 At 1220 a 50% molted Sadie hauled out left of 1BS on RI.

 Tracy called in the morning to advise that she and Brenda were checking the Maunalua Bay spots, looking for Ka’iwi. They saw Gayle along the way, and nobody found nobody.

 Team Billands covered some territory today. Finding nobody on the west side , Barbara did a Ka’ena Point trek. She reported a 1005 molted RL42 on the Waianae side KP trail, and a bit further along found RK36 . At the point she reported RIP (RR70) and Ka’ena (RO40) at separate locations. She check all animals for any evidence of a hind flipper arrow, or wound and saw no indications that these animals were involved.

 Marilyn had an early medical appointment and did not do her usual Kawena check. I’ve heard nothing from AD, but saw cars, when I drove by, that would indicate that volunteers were at the site, so no doubt Kawena was hangin’ out as usual.
Aukai, Cass and Kala
 Aukai, Kala and Cass
 Sadie !
 Ka'ena Point Rainbow
 pot of gold Ka'ena

 resting quietly
 until this....
 clearly having a reaction to the boys being so close


b said...

After doing our regular route, with NO SEALS SEEN, we decided to go Kaena Pt. Just lucky, I had two bottles of frozen water waiting for me at home. Grabbed a Banana, a snickers bar and off we went.

Dam, raining again, but just enough to keep me COOL. It was very humid out there.

Just a few min in to my walk, I spotted a newly molted seal. OH YEAH...L42 and she is ok, no wounds, no hooks. I called it in with great relief as I hadnt seen L42 since seeing her out a weird spot with Tracy, Don Porter and Gelman.

Oh by the way, that rainbow was shot at Campbells area...I had to take a photo of it.

Just after finding Miss L42, I saw movement below the cliff, ANOTHER SEAL...K36, Kauai Kolohe. YAHOO, he is fine as well. No arrow seen.

Just around the corner, I got to see two birds flying...they landed near the arch, and I wasnt sure what they were. I looked it up...at home later...BLACK NODDIES.

No seal after that, but I kept walking until I finally reached Kaena Pt. I swear, I could hear the angels singing...I made the trek out, My mission, to find that ARROW SEAL and make sure L42 was ok some where out there. I hadnt been out to Kaena Pt in years, and being out there once again, BROUGHT ME GREAT PRIDE, AN APPRECIATION FOR NATURE.

I walked down to the kekei pond, no seals, DAM IT. But then as I scanned the region, THERE WAS A GLIMPSE of a flipper!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT, I found one more seal..who would turn out to be RIP RR70. YAHOO!!!

Ok so far no arrow seal...all seal found are good, healthy, no hooks.

From a far, I saw yet another seal...I was so excited to be out there and find somebody!!! I am a bit older, so climbing was a bit of a CHORE. But I made it to the next seal, ok, tags, HMMM, I see a girdle line, OK, I see the Bleach, ITS KAENA!!! R040!!! I am so excited I put my fist to heaven and shouted in my head. THANKS GOD...THANK LADY OCEAN. I am an older fart, but my brains were in high gear, to find more seals. As I made my way...I talked to another gentleman about seals..and I asked, WHERE IS THE NEAREST BATHROOM???? Ha Ha. He said, the nearest bush. HA HA.

After getting to the top of the rocky area, my body said, OK, times up, getting late to be out here, GO BACK NOW.

On my way back I saw K36 and he was on his back...I spot L42 again..resting in Peace.

BUT as I scanned the area where K36 was, I saw six Japanese Visitors bugging K36. He wasnt happy, but my legs were too tired to run all the way to site. I watched in anger. HOW CAN HUMANS BE SO DISRESPECTABLE. BAH!!!! I hated watching, but I had to save my last amount of ENERGY TO GET BACK.

I MADE IT!!! I could have kissed the earth, but didnt, too muddy!!!!

I counted 60 humans, one crazy dirt bike, NO ARROW SEALS, all healthy seals, two noddies, three trucks with the fishermen as usual. Weather was perfect, HIGH HUMIDITY, some rain.

THANKS LADY OCEAN....I am filled with pride, honor, APPRECIATION. DA END!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was quite a hike you took! Good for you and the seals you found. Thank you for all you do. Glad you made it back okay.