Friday, August 26, 2016

8/26/2016 DB's Sailies: Kawena@AD, RG32@Rabbit island,Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Kekoa@Maili Point, Pohaku@Nanakuli, RL42@20Min,PO5@Turtle Bay,

Marilyn could not find Kawena on her early, before work check. I’ve heard nothing further today from Kawena’s world. She was back for the evening shift and advised that Gayle had reported Kawena at AD all day. She was near the birth beach when Marilyn arrived.

 At 0805 I found what would prove to be RG32 up in the bushes behind Seal Rock Inlet. I’m certain that he was yesterday’s animal also. 

At 1407 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the Lanai Lookout Flats.

 Team Billand found Kekoa (RK72) once again at Maili Point today.

 At 0845 they found Pohaku (RO28) at Depot’s, Nanakuli.

 At 1230 the Billands reported RL42 at the 20Min mark on the Waianae side KP trail.

 A Dr. Tom text at 1137 provided a shot of RH48 (PO5) at the Keiki Pool. Diane Gabriel check after her PO5 shift with more brown water photos of the kid at the Keiki Pool.
 Trying to blend in.. NOT

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b said...

When I look at the Kawena shots, I feel like this poor little girl is scared, needs a friend to keep her company. That beautiful face is charming, but those eyes shows fear. I hope she is happy..she seems to be getting around fine. Beautiful photos of her...maybe we will visit if we arent BUSY. God bless you Kawena, and thanks Kaiwi for giving us such a darling sweet pup.

As for Kaale, poor thing being visited by people getting too close. I commend Carola for trying her best to educate those who dont know the rules of getting in the faces of pups out there. Sad. Keep trying Carola.

I see P05 has her new bling.

So...Pohaku has reached Depots, YIKES. Here we go boys and girls, get ready for her molt in about two weeks, MAYBE. IT aint gonna be FUN...its gonna be long hours with difficult times...wish she would go some where else. Prayers to Pohaku!!!