Friday, August 19, 2016

HMMA Update from August 18th

At 0748 Colleen checked in from Alan Davis with a report of Kawena (RH36) taking a swimming. Kawena remained in the water at Colleen's 0833 check in. At 0849 a report came in about 2 seals hauled out in front of the Elk Lodge in Waikiki. Steve responded and ID'ed Kaiwi (RK96) by tag K97 and Kolohe (RW22) by natural bleach. Colleen also responded and confirmed the same ID's she also helped with outreach. Kaiwi and Kolohe would both depart at 1400. At 1105 Colleen went back to Alan Davis and found Kawena (RH36) hauled out on the rocks. At 1110 a report came in about a seal hauled out at Maili Beach Park. Chrissy responded but the seal departed before she arrived. No ID could be made.

1707 Jason checked in from Turtle Bay with a report of Holokai (RG40). ID was made by tag G40. At 1728 Jason checked in again with a report of PO5 alone at the birth beach. There was no sign of Ua Maile (RT10). It appears that PO5 has been weaned!

At 1847 a report came in about a seal at Iroquois Point. No ID could be made.

Karen T. Checked in via email from Turtle Bay's pup site. Karen arrived for the first shift and found Ua Maile (RT10) and PO5 on the reef. Pup was observed nursing. Mom and pup spend much time in the water and floating in the pool area. Pup was observed diving often. At the end of Karen's shift mom and pup were back in the water.

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