Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8/23/2016 DB's Dailies:Kawena@SB&AD, Aukai@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Toilet Bowl (HB), Pohaku@Paradise Cove, Rocky@White Plains,

Marilyn found Kawena (RH36) still in her tide pool between Sandy Beach & Irma’s. Marilyn called at 0905 to advise that Gayle had called her reporting that Kawena had returned to AD.

 I was on an early morning recon mission for the NOAA folks who were thinking about another Rabbit Island mission today, but only if the two animals out this way , Kainoa and Cass, who need vaccinations, were there. Alas, they were not. There was but one animal out there and it took all day to finally figure out that Aukai (RL12), whom they bleached yesterday.

 Hanauma Security posse member Jaime called at 1157 reporting a newly arrived animal directly below her, on her perch above Toilet Bowl. When I arrived at 1230 I confirmed the Kolohe (RW22) ID.

 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove, at 0628.

 At 0702 they found Rocky (RH58) on the EB side of the east end perimeter fence at White Plains.

 oh look a shiny thing... oh sorry Kawena 
 Looks like you're in the middle of a salad bowl just munching through
 Kolohe at Toilet Bowl
Pohaku,,,hmmmm  so I guess since there was no ropes or signs put up, folks feel it's okay to sit and have a cup of coffee with Pohaku.... Seems to me there needs to be some equiment available for whoever shows up first to avoid this kind of situation.
 Rocky at white plains


b said...

We nearly had a stroke coming to Paradise Cove with folks sitting by her. But after seal 101, they got it. And they were very nice folks, helped with the signs and was thrilled to see Pohaku. But YES, signs and ropes are needed at sights with lots of tourists always. Just too many people out and about, even early morn.

And it was insane when Pohaku started sneezing like crazy, entered the water, swam about, turned by snorklers, showed interest in coming to HER CORNER. Folks were good to help set up zone number two, yep, some drama, but in the end, all ok.

Rocky was alone on EWA BEACH side of fence...Rob took a drive out to Plains after a good friend called. The lock on the box that was kept at Plains had been changed, so poor Rob had no signs to put out. He was frustrated and left site. We did notify HMMA.

And I thought about going Kaena again, but the mud was SO THICK...and it rained so, not going. The day before it was insane flooding, small rocks coming down the cliffs, waterfalls, and VERY SLIPPERY. But thank heavens some how I made it back to the car again...Mud so thick it caked on my shoes and it made me feel INSANE so heavy to walk. Ah, kaena Pt has many challenges...but it is so beautiful out there.

Ta Ta!

Melina Clark said...

Pohaku did fine yesterday, slept like a good baby. Every single bystander and snorkeler were respectful, nice and asked great questions.

Melina Clark said...
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