Thursday, August 4, 2016

HMMA Update from August 3rd

At 0638 Marilyn checked in with a report of Kawena (RH36) out side of the SPZ swimming along the shoreline. At 0818 Don checked in with a report of a seal in Hauula in front of the fire station. He ID'ed Honey Girl (R5AY) by tag. At 1053 a caller reported a seal at Kaena Point. Photo was sent in of the seal but no ID could be made. The seal appears to have a new shiny coat. Jon checked in from Hauula at 1334 reporting Honey Girl's departure at 1300.

 Carola checked in from Mokuleia. Ka'ale (RH32) was on the beach from 0800am until I left at 0400pm. He woke up a couple of times when the waves splashed him, he eventually moved up higher towards the rocks and went back to sleep.

 The west side volunteers mobilized again for a 3rd day of searching for the seal reported with an arrow in one of its rear flippers. A big Mahalo to Chrissy, Robyn, Melina, and Debbie.

 UU at Ka'ena Point
 Ka'ale H32

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S/V Nakia said...

Saw RH32 at black rocks in Nanakuli